Missed college when you were younger? Here's a good solution!

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  • restrangled

    Here is some previous info from my husband. If you check back you will find more! He Just finished his BS in 6 months in January.



  • Open mind
    Open mind

    The CLEP - (College Level Examination Program) has helped lots of adults get their degress more quickly.

    Jehovah's chariot is not to be outdone in this area.

    For the middle-age Bethelites being kicked to the curb, the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is pleased to announce a new "door of opportunity" that has been opened.
    This exciting new program, which is already being implented, will be known as the: "Society's Career High-rollers Lose Everything Program" or SCHLEP for short.

    It is with heartfelt Christian love and hope that we trust the congregations receiving these poor souls will help them as they inexorably schlep along towards sickness, old age and death, err, the imminent arrival of the Big A. Yeah, that's it.

    Your buggers,

    Christian Cong.......blah, blah

  • daniel-p

    OM, you're a riot. I need to get my brother in touch with SCHLEP, seeing as how he just got let go from Bethel after 10 years.

  • juni

    Very encouraging and informative thread.. thank you!

    I'm not doing the BA thing, but I am taking courses to be marketable for a different occupation. It's scary and exciting at the same time.

    By me the classes are a mixture of younger students and older. It has been found that this sort of arrangement does benefit everyone.

    I wish everyone success!

    PS... I forgot to say LMAO @ OpenMind. Very clever acronym!

  • anewme

    I enrolled in the Boston Reed pharmacy course through my local community college.
    They say the medical field will continue to grow in the next 20 years and skilled
    certificated technicians will be needed all over the country.

    I am working full time in retail now but this Boston Reed medical course
    is after hours and the duration is less than a year.
    By next year I will be working in a pharmacy.


  • Awakened at Gilead
  • Scott77

    Hi Awakened at Gilead,

    If one has a BS degree but wants to take a master degree, will the the CLEP - (College Level Examination Program) helps him get it the faste way than through the traditional long means?

  • CuriousButterfly

    WOW, great information thanks!!

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