Are YOU born under "original sin"?

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  • WTWizard

    The whole idea of "original sin" is intended to trick mankind into falling under the control of some external leader. Plato was likely the author of the whole idea, which basically states that man needs a bunch of pointless rules to live by. And the religious leaders cash in on it, using it to usurp sacrifices "in the name of a higher cause".

    All it does is stifles people's enjoyment of normal life. The animals all get sick and die (if they don't get eaten or suffer other hardship and die), and yet they aren't born in sin. So that throws the theory of man's growing old or sick and dying as the result of original sin right out the window. Indeed, the animals have no taboos on normal sex drives (like fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and the like--some species of apes even have the youth initiate sex with older members of the species without undue aftereffects). And the animals do not waste portions of their time and money going to church, tithing, donating to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund (hey, the animals don't silence the young that initiate the sex acts, or coerce them into submitting either), or guilt for stupid things.

    In fact, taking that fruit was not such a horrible act after all. What would have happened had they not eaten it? Would some other being been deprived? Or, would it have merely dropped off the tree and rotted, having gone to waste? The real issue is that Jehovah wanted mankind to remain forever bicameral, obeying Him without any regard for the consequences. Whatever rules He would have set up would have been for His own benefits at the expense of His subjects. Satan thus set us free from some of the most ridiculous laws that we can't even begin to imagine. As such, Satan did not sin--Jehovah did!

  • BabaYaga

    Cool thread, GaiaGirl...

    and IP_SEC... I LOVE that essay!!!


  • Quentin

    There is nothing original about persons sin is anothers enjoyment....sin itself can't be one can agree what sin is...not original, not original at all....

  • kurtbethel

    I have been to Black's Beach enough times that I definitely have some "other people" cred.

  • jaguarbass

    Personally, if there were ANY truth to the Genesis account, then I'd claim descent from the "other" people living outside Eden. These are the people Cain was afraid would kill him as he wandered the Earth (Gen 4:14), and the people from whom he eventually found his wife (Gen 4:16-17).

    Thats a good one, I'll keep it.

    Somehow, I dont think the bible thumpers see it that way.

  • R.Crusoe

    Giaia seems quite beautiful to me!

    Not that I evermet her - but the giaia of nature!

    And the idea Wiz had about the elephant in confessional for the worry of having had the old trunk on the skunk treatment!

    It's ludicrous!

    So I agree with the Plato theory:

    This invisible god who helps humans blame themselves for existing and behaving like all nature does is a greatw ay to be in charge of them!

    And this allows leaders to get them to sacrifice themselves for the greater good - usually by harming others but often as a self harm sacrifice!

    And the whole female / male liberation movements to turn one sex against the other keeps the meltdown going on so noone gets too organised or confident about the inner self, or even enjoys being humans too much, plus the psychology mularkey just to remind us all how if we are struggling with religious putdowns or gender put downs, its all because we have too much ego and have an arsehole for a brain!

    So yup = skippy the bush kangaroo had it right! Keep bouncin all over that bush and boxing clever and if any trouble arrives hop off!

    G'day Sheilas - from the wrong side of the pond!

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