A Kinder, Gentler Armageddon?

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  • DoomVoyager

    In the "kool-aid" version, it is made clear that "those who don't listen to Jehoobers teachings" are the "incorrigibly wicked" being referenced.

    So, no, the official members-only Armageddon theory still calls for the destruction of all non Dubs.

  • Layla33

    It does look like soft peddling of the doctrine to outsiders. Even if the "Kool-Aid" version still preaches total destruction, most JWs won't see the discrepency between the two presentations.

    It's all about fear and control. If they soften it, it is just to chew it up to make it easier to "feed" to newcomers.

  • sir82
    "God's battle is directed against those humans whom God judges to be incorrigibly wicked. His war will be selective in destruction."

    Loaded language.

    "Incorrigibly wicked", to an outsider reading the magazine for the first time, sounds rather agreeable. "Yeah, the world would be a better place without war lords, dictators, mass murderers, etc."

    "Incorrigibly wicked" to a thoroughly indoctrinated JW, however, means "anyone who is not currently a JW".

    It is for stuff like this that 2 editions of the Watchtower are now being produced. Vague, weasel-worded phrases with multple meanings (one for insiders, one for outsiders) can be used in the "public" edition, while the usual fire-n-brimstone rhetoric can be used in the "study" editions.

  • kurtbethel

    Of course, this is the WT spinning these tales. It could be new light flashing up and the destruction is figurative, with reality being 144,000 appointed punishers going around to bitch slap evildoers and apostates, with even this being figurative since new light revealed that some of the 144,000 are not even born yet since the WT somehow closed up heaven to people for over 70 years, or was that figurative too?

    Oh my! I just confused the hell out of myself.

  • NewYork44M
    incorrigibly wicked.

    In wt-speak this means all those who are unwilling to accept the leadership of the wt real estate development cult and go out and sell magazines.

    How could it be otherwise? It does not make sense for the post Armageddon period to start with all these non-jws. That would not be a good thing. They might corupt the r&f.

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