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  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    What I mean is, ones who loved the meetings and field service. Ones who loved telling a person why they dont celebrate Christmas, birthdays etc etc.........................ones who thought it wonderful that their children missed out on so much, and stood out in school and became a target for bullying.

    I myself did everthing because I was terrified of the big "A" and so thought everything was worth it. But I hated going to meetings, hated going on FS, hating not celebtating christmas and never really excepted the birthday thing. Their where so many red flags that I ignored cos I thought it was the truth.

    I know wonder how many in my congregation felt the same and secretly want it not to be true and get out.

  • WTWizard

    I felt good about it for about the first year (or a bit less). After that, it was all to please others and put on the show. And when they tore me away from everyone I liked enough to make worth going to the boasting sessions, I had no reason to not go apostate.

    I have seen a few that had the appearance of liking being witlesses. But of course, there was no way I could tell for sure, since they would lie if questioned. And there was one recruit that spent 4 years studying because he could not quit smoking, and then one day he quit and went gung-ho in the cancer. In fact, the first month in field circus, he got more than 60 hours. And they were hours without the usual breaks.

  • Dorktacular

    I knew very few who actually enjoyed it. Those very few were actually pretty good people, too. Then there were the assholes who just wanted to gain recognition so they played the game. It wasn't really in their hearts. Me? Well, I was born into the whole thing, so I had no choice. I never liked it, either. A complete waste of my life.

  • R.F.

    I liked being one.

    I liked field service and meetings because I thought that was what God wanted me to do. Christmas wasn't an issue for me, I had no problem with not celebrating that. Sure I was a target for poking fun at here and there when I was younger for being considered "weird" by some of the other kids for not doing some things they did but I thought I was doing the right thing so it didn't bother me for too long.

  • oompa

    I know quite a few who are giddy over it.......however they are freaky deaky oddballs even by all other dubs standards......oompa

    WT is a weirdo magnet anyway for the most part

  • Gregor

    Of course. Especially elders who thrived on the 'stature' of the position. Many of these types were poorly educated men with humble employment. They could be the most cold, heartless JWs of all.Many of their wives were frustrated elders (elderettes) who basked in the reflected importance of hubby.

  • hillbilly

    Most do from whatevever point- of veiw their reality has them looking at the world from.

    When I was a JW ...after a while it was like the Eagles tune (Desperado).... you get so there are no highs or lows. Of course Elders will tell you thats a lack of spirtuality and point out the need to work harder. The system is made to burn the joy you have right to the ground.

    Most of us who are out probably got tired of that feeling... It got me looking for something more. I may never find it but I sure know it was not living among "god's happy people" tm


  • mrsjones5

    Yep, my parents.

  • mouthy

    I'm pleading the 5th

  • betteroffdead

    yes the po of my congregation who tries to be a father figure to me and badgers me to death about everything. he loves every minute of all of it.

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