Resolving the problems of the Genesis account.

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    Mr. Majestic

    This is an interesting topic and unlike what others have said, I think it is indeed worthy of speculation.

    I have had ups and downs about the Bible. I used to think it was totally from God. Then I thought men wrote it under inspiration from God, so it became a mixture if Truth and Fiction. Then for a brief time, I thought it was just myths and fables to teach us about how to live righteously. Then, I began to read and study other viewpoints, and embraced the idea that there is a mysterious message in it that man has to search for, one that is hidden in plain sight. This is a necessary endeavor that some will take the journey to discover and others will not "waste" their time to search out.

    At this juncture of my search, here are my thoughts about the Genesis account:

    1) The Eternal One is perfect and without fault. There is no imperfection in the creation.

    2) This Eternal One was singular until this energy activated and matter and Life began, yet it was still One… Life.

    3) The Garden of Eden story is an explanation of how this Eternal One decided to experience existence in the plane of Mater (matter) separate from Itself.

    4) In order for there to be separation from The One, free will must be extended…an ego and personality must be developed in order for the One to be separated intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Now there are two separate "personalities". They are still One but separate.

    5) In order for this Free Will to be gifted, thus separating The One into another type of personality, The Eternal One had to set up something for the other to consciously make a choice about on its own. So The Eternal One placed "the Tree" in the garden and told the man not to eat of its fruit. The woman had not yet been made. (This may or may not have been a literal tree.)

    6) The Man was perfect and the thought of disobedience never entered his mind. He continued cultivating the garden and followed the directive to avoid the tree. This was not difficult for the man, because the vibration of disobedience had not yet entered Creation.

    7) Another separation needed to be made in order for there to be legitimate choice, a push and pull of loyalties, will, and desire…..real free will. Therefore, another, the Woman, was separated from the Man and thus, the Yin and Yang of Life was set in motion. Rather than looking at it negatively as "the fall of man", perhaps this is how the Gift of Free Will was extended, therefore a positive. Mankind is free to make its own decisions and live Life here in the world of matter by its own choices….good or bad.

    The part of man that is separate is his ego and personality. The part that stays connected to The Eternal One is man’s neshama (spiritual soul) which returns to The Eternal One upon the body’s death along with the soul’s lessons learned. This is on a different plane from the plane of Mater. It is in the "God/Spirit" realm of Pure Consciousness and is a state of pure Love and Light.

    This is the way I see the creation account in Genesis regarding the so-called "fall of man". There are mysteries about this Life that are there to keep the dynamics of Life in Motion. It's an amazing journey and the search for answers can only enrich and broaden one's growth.

    Thanks for your thread.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Thanks for all your responses. Been a bit pushed for time today so not able to reply to you all but just wanted to concise the point I was trying to make.

    There have been a lot of threads of late putting blame to god. I have no problem with that as I have done it myself with the inconsistency of the bible, when taking it all literally. I don’t see the bible can claim that god is a god of love. But in all debates about him there seems to be one thing not taken into account, and that is the Satanic side of the bible.

    The book of job shows a valuable insight into what is going on in a heavenly court (if there is one), one of only a few places of insight into what is going on there (again, assuming the biblical account on that point true). And it is major speculation but, if there was a force that was dealing with things as the depiction of Satan in the book of job is, then he would need considering in the debate of god and of gods righteousness. The label of wickedness is not just as simple as blaming god for everything.

    The discussion would be enormous and as has been stated, would be pure speculation, with little or no biblical backing. But the bible does hold place for the character of Satan, and if you go along with the story contained within those scriptures, then what is stopping the character of Satan manipulating the bible itself so that it makes god look bad, which it does.

    Again, not that I necessarily believe the above speculation. But so far in my search for truth I have found nothing that isn’t also a speculation……

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