Witness owns Flower Shop-advertises-sells birthday-holiday arrangements

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  • hamsterbait

    yes there is a "twisted" scripture they use to get around these things.

    "True, Christians today are not under the Jewish Law, but it helps us see Jehovahs viewpoint on such things yadda yadda."

    A Jew was forbidden to eat an animal that had died naturally. They were not allowed to eat an unbled animal. They could, however, sell these animals to gentiles.

    On this basis, whilst a witless cannot donate blood, it is a sin, he can benefit from the sin of an unbeliever by taking blood products made from the sinners donation.

    A witless doctor can give a transfusion, if the patient requests it.

    The WT can benefit from stocks gifted to them in arms companies, tobacco, and sales of Kingdumb Hells to other religions. They did not BUY the stock, they are not DONATING to Babylon the Great from the sale.

    The flower shop owner is not contributing to false religion, he is merely taking money from a non-believer Just like the Jew mentioned above.

    There's a big fat stinkin double standard here, aint there?

    Its the kind of wierd bible thinking we find in the story of how the Tribe of Benjamin was saved from extinction.


  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    They/the elders obviously view it as a conscience matter as they sell normal flowers as well. But I guess some others in the congregation would talk about it.

    (Pssst... I used to do Christmas cards at my employers work. And I even processed porn mags. What a weak Christian I was.)

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    I have to agree with OTWO here. far too many JWs we all know are far too dogmatic and slavishly follow every "suggestion" or "counsel" of the WTS as absolute gospel. too much straining of the gnat in my opinion. while this florist should be aware that his/her actions could be viewed by many as reproach on jahs name it is unlikely these same pharisees would put food on the table if they did not participate in such highly seasonal businesses. I'm sure valentines and mother's day are huge for them. .... good for them IMO. if more JWs were more tolerant of other's decisions I might NOT be.... -Not Feeling It.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    That flower shop would go bust in no time if it weren't for birthdays and holidays. Can you imagine a flower shop catering for J-Dubs only?

  • BrentR

    I remember the wife of an elder who had a cake decorating shop. Half of the display cakes were birthday cakes. I remember asking my mom why that was OK but having a party was not. Her reply "It's not actullay celebrating it" and mine was "but it's supporting it". Even then my observation was that it's raw hypocrisy.

  • Thechickennest

    This is definitly a no-no. I'm guessing that they are related to the PO, so they get a free pass. I think this is a possibility.....The owners kid married in to a very influencial witness family in the same town a few years ago.

  • Gregor

    I'm sure they can rationalize thier involvement, sort of like JW nurses who care for people who are receiving medical treatment from Satan.

    By the way, here's my experience with sending flowers by e-mail. The Flowers.com or whoever you use farms out your order to a local florist. When I send flowers to my mother in California she has received some really shoddy arrangements that are not even close to the pretty pictures I ordered. Communicate with the person you sent flowers to and make sure they got an acceptable bouquet. If not, make them make it right. They depend on the internet orders and cannot afford too many complaints.

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