My bosses are JW, today we had heated exchange & I've got to vent....

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  • NotaNess

    I haven't been around for a while, but I had to post this and get this stuff down for commentation and maybe any help that can be given. It might be a long-winded, but if you can stick it out...thanks. (see my note at the end about the 400,000 member growth a year thing)

    I'm not sure if my employment will with-stand the things I have to deal with at work anymore. I've been coping with this train wreck I call Co-workers for so long now that I'm not sure how much more I can endure. A couple of them, I pleasantly get along with on the most part, but the others is toleration.

    At this point I don't care if any of them are reading this forum and see this, or even someone they know. They have a long time employee there, that just can't seem to be fired. Tonight I directed that towards the owners, based on things about him that have been brought forth to them by me, experienced by them, and confirmed by others. Things of a sexual nature have been going on there, in the form of sexually suggestive comments, jokes, R rated sexual & foul language movies being brought in an watched like PORKY's, etc with females in their teens (16 & 17/18), with responses like "their mom & dad let them watch stuff like that, so she's allowed to see it". Totally un-acceptable attitude and work ethics, especially from a male in his 30's and who is married(not one of the owners). Instead of this "Brother" looking out for the best interest of these young "Sisters", and being a role-model to them, this is his way of reacting to me telling him he shouldn't have that playing on the tv. But when he's one of the one's who makes the sexual jokes and suggestive comments to female co-workers, it's no surprise right?

    So this guy and I get into an argument yesterday over something stupid he said that was round-a-bout directed towards me. Well, that opened up the can. I pretty much opened up on him telling him how I felt about the stuff he's been doing, while also bringing to light, things to the others in the office. I was so PO'd I felt like I was having an ulcer for like 2 hours. My stomach was in so much pain from the stress of it.

    Today I needed to meet with the 2 owners of the company, Husband and Wife, to let them know how I felt, and to see what was going to be done about him with all this stuff he has done. A few years ago, he told them both "screw your business" when he got in trouble over something, amongst other things that they've wanted to fire him over. But he still stands like a ROCK employee without any consequence.

    After about 10 minutes of talk about this employee, our discussion turned into a back and forth argument about the Watchtower, it's origins, 1914, sex abuse in the society, and a variety of things. One thing that was STRESSED by the Husband multiple times, was for me to watch and see "SHORTLY", how the UN is going to do away with and ban all religion, That it will be enforced in the US. He said I will be able to see it happen and expressed not knowing exactly when, but that I will be subject to the wrath of Jehovah God(although not said exactly like this), when the time comes.

    Everything I brought up to them about why the FDS was not really the FDS and I had proof, basically got shot down as, "doesn't matter...the scriptures tell us that we are imperfect, but that we would be a people in the darkness, would be shown the truth over time, and light would get brighter and brighter, and that Jehovah's people would stand out" and how they have corrected themselves over time, doing away with pagan ways, etc, etc.

    Brought up old light, new light and could the FDS really be trusted with new light with so much old light having been changed. "Jehovah just hadn't revealed those things fully yet" is an answer I got about why they had been teaching things one way, and then switched to new light.

    I briefly told them about Russell's Pyramid, and you should have seen his facial expression as he threw his head back like I was crazy, saying he didn't believe it. Then that kind of lead the way into the Evil Slave class putting things on the internet that is false. They're totally duped by the instruction from the FFDS (False FDS) on this subject. "Everything's a lie, unless it's something positive about us". I brought up Ray Franz, and he was immediately tagged as the Evil Slave.

    I went to the Trinity booklet, after he started in with the cross on me. I went straight to pointing out the issue with E. Washburn Hopkins' being used as support by the Watchtower to back up the Trinity is pagan issue. You could tell they were stumped on what to say about that. I asked if it was responsible for the WTS to use this guy who thinks all of Christianity is Pagan, as a source reference to put out to the general public. After some laime excuses I told them the point is that the material is not GOD DIRECTED.

    I went into asking them if they really thought God wanted his organization to start out with Paganism. They said yes, and the scripture shows it.

    I touched on how they were teaching the 1870's for Christ's return until the 1930's (I was off about 5 years?, so many dates and info in my head) but they said it wasn't true, and I said I could prove to them in their own materials. They fully believe it was being preached before.

    In the end, they just stated that I really should come to the KINGDOM HALL and check them out, and do some research there. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MESS? I'm convinced now, that the smart one's leave after being shown some truths about the society, and the OTHERS are just clueless and apologetic.

    Pertaining to my problem with this employee, they said they are warning him, and going to "legally" write him up. Slap on the wrist in my opinion, but atleast they've agreed to do something. (bet I'll never see that write up). I just can't understand why they want to keep this character hired on, when there's so many other "brothers" that could probably use a good job....

    So I'm pretty much locked into this job for now, in a place I am mostly uncomfortable being in, and now it's getting worse. (I've been there about 4 years) This one "bad seed" employee, is like an ingrown hair that won't go away, who I can't even stand to be in the same room with. (it's been an accumulation of 3+ years dealing with this guy's BS) - He called me a "RAT" in our argument, cause I brought forth his R Rated Movie stuff, etc.

    Thanks if you read through to here.

    The Membership growth thing... one of the owners said the TRUTH is the fastest growing religion with about 400,000 members attained last year?, and only about 25,000 lost. Does anyone have information supporting this? What are some actual figures? Compared to other faiths?

  • Gordy

    Check out WTcomments

    2003 to 2007 - 1,315,523 baptised - but numbers only increased by 507,744 - 61% have gone missing??

  • Hortensia

    have you documented the things he is doing so you can show that it is a hostile workplace? It doesn't matter if the owners are JWs, they are still responsible for what goes on in the workplace, especially if a problem like that is brought to their attention by an employee. You don't have to be the victim of the sexual remarks to make a complaint. Religion has nothing to do with it. Also, if the guy is watching R rated movies with 16 year old girls, I think an anonymous call to child protective services with details would be in order. Polish up your resume and get the hell out of there.

  • middleman

    I'm sorry I don't have official numbers but I'll say this. The growth rate on a religion or belief system still doesn't validate it as truth. If he thinks it does, ask him about the Catholic growth rate in Latin countries or the Muslim growth rate in the Middle East. Either ONE of these regions has more Muslim or Catholic (in their homeland) converts than all JW's combined worldwide. Blessings.........

  • BabaYaga

    Wow, Middleman, that's a GREAT point... I'm having kindof a "dOh" moment, why haven't I thought of that before (I mean I know it personally, but it is so great to use in rebuttal!)

    Hortensia I agree. If nothing else, seems like a place I would not want to work. Basically, NotaNess, your job is making you physically ill. If something can be done to stop that, all well and good. But I think it might be time to take this as a sign...

    Personally, I can never work for those I do not respect. If they will not fire someone who said "screw your business", then that pretty much says it all. Yes, get your resume' in order. Regardless.


  • sass_my_frass

    Who knows what is really going on with them? Maybe your bum workmate has some info on them that would cost them if they fired him.

  • sass_my_frass

    Who knows what is really going on with them? Maybe your bum workmate has some info on them that would cost them if they fired him.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am sorry that you are being treated this way, especially at work. What I would recommend you do is start to wear a recording device in the office. I say this because you are going to need proof of his behavior. There are laws on the books dealing with sexual harassment. I am not positive that it works the same way in each state, but I know that here in california, a young jw was overheard asking one of his female coworkers if she had a boyfriend and what she liked to do with him. I say overheard, because another female employee was standing nearby and overheard them talking and she complained about sexual harassment. You do not have to be the target of sexual harassment to sue the company or at least bring attention to the situation from the state. Write down a daily diary at least if you don't want to record your interactions all day. You may even make a few bucks if you win a lawsuit based on sexual harassment.

  • Hope4Others

    I so agree with Tired of the Hypocrisy, In Canada also this is a definite sexual harassment and one can be let go for this, let alone sued. Three write ups and he's gone. So others also need to go forth with these complaints. A digital recorder would be an asset. Watch your back now that religion went all out there. Some jw's might try to let the person go somehow, now that this is out in the open. Legally this would be discrimination.

  • InquiryMan

    REgarding the comment: I briefly told them about Russell's Pyramid, and you should have seen his facial expression as he threw his head back like I was crazy, saying he didn't believe it. I think there is a photo of Russels grave and a comment on pyramidology in the "Proclaimer" book in a section entitled Deserted Practices and something like that.... I was aware of this even when I was an elder. Also Beth Sarim, christmas celebrations prior to the 20s etc etc.... I guess it was because I looked through the old society books in the library. The illustrations (paintings) in the Rutherford era books were hilarious... Especially one with a fat, naked, bare breasted woman being the harlot on the Beast...

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