Education Bias And Favortism Within Witness Ranks

by The Rapster 14 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • yknot

    Welcome to the board !!!!

    Guess that means I was born into a 'ranking' KH....??? (( LOL ))

    I had never heard a discouraging word against college until we moved to a new KH after being redistricted in 1980.

    In fact in my 'birth' KH we were separated into departments before I was 5.

    The general 'rule' was that we each were expected to do some service time (2years) at Bethel. This could be before or after college. I was considered legal department material and was encouraged to pursue my BS degree before heading to Bethel. After I had done my "time" I would then apply for to a JD program with the thought of how to be of benefit to the WTS.

    Needless to say for a me a nobody worthless never to achieve eldership girl this idea that the previous KH had put in my head was considered to be apostasy in the KH where we moved. Also needless to say this girl decided that the men who held this opinion were spiritually weak and lacked discernment......and the throw-down began.

    I went to college......I am back in college upgrading my salary........I have encouraged and aided in the enrollment of 1/3 of my KH..(Elders and their wives included!).

    Hey anyone heard if Judah Ben Schroeder or his wife Amber assisting on any international law cases yet for the WTS (The Schroeders recently graduated Columbia) ?

  • Sirona

    This is my pet hate.

    Just take me and my partner.

    Me: Indoctrinated at 12, baptised at 15. Not one scrap of help or encouragement with schooling, but I achieved all A grades. Then I was told that University was a bad idea so I should do a "practical" course. I took the advice and did a business course for just ONE YEAR before I was thrust into the workplace and told to give my parents money for my keep. Then forced to marry young. I have later gotten myself more education and attended University, but only once I broke free of the cult.

    My partner Gary: Born into JWs and achieved good results at school (again without any input from parents). He was also made to marry at a silly young age and encouraged to be a carpenter. Fortunately he broke free at around age 20 and pursued an education in law and is now a lawyer. All his education he funded himself and only did it when he left the WTS.

    This cult religion has a lot to answer for in ruining peoples lives and potential!


  • greendawn

    That is one of the big ways, together with the shunning and blood policies, that the WTS damages the lives of large numbers of its members and it is a quite transparent manipulation as this is based on the coming of the end very soon, an end that has been imminent for over 100 years now!!!

    But what can we say if many people are dumb beyond belief and buy into that blatant deception? Telling one thing to the masses and quite another to the inner circle once more exposes the fact that this org is up to no good.

  • WTWizard

    Nothing more than a waste of people's time. They need the average members to remain dumbed down, plus to waste their time, so they will not allow them college. This despite the recent news that college grads are faring better in this beginning-stage depression than those without college.

    Yet, those in Beth Hell, especially those that are hardline, are encouraged to go. They are not in it for the righteousness but for the power, so they are going to be able to take exposure to critical material and not fall out. Those people are needed for the Pedophile Defense Project. Ultimately, the job of getting this country under the control of the Watchtower Society and in the Second Dark Ages will fall upon those people, so they had better get the best education they possibly can. Otherwise, they wouldn't want them in college either.

  • 144001
    Welcome Rapster....I am glad you are not bitter. I am. The wbts misled me and my family and I am only now getting my college started at age 46. I lost out on a military career, college, and my future because of the lies I believed. How do you keep from being bitter? I would like to know how.


    At least you're finally doing it. It's never too late, although it's certainly preferable to get it done at an earlier age. You can try to "keep from being bitter" by realizing how lucky you are to have finally shed the chains of mental bondage that tied you to the Watchtower Society, and how fortunate you are to even have a chance to get an education at this point in your life. I really respect individuals like you who attend college later in life because various circumstances prevented them from getting an education at an earlier age. You should be proud of your efforts to do this and focus on the advantages you have over the younger students (e.g., wisdom that comes with experience and maturity/discipline that is also a function of age).

    Congratulations and go out there and kick some ass!

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