Education Bias And Favortism Within Witness Ranks

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  • The Rapster
    The Rapster

    Let me just say from the beginning I am not a bitter ex Jehovah's Witness. I am simply a kid from back in the 70's - 80's who was completely enmeshed in it, leaving in 1984 after a sham marriage rushed by social and peer pressure within a congregation. It took two years of a horrible personal relationship to accept that for 20 years I was misled. But I took alot out of it too. So no hard feelings.

    Did you know that while the rest of us children were being taught to not pursue higher education or learning, the powers that be in Brooklyn were sending and paying for particular young people to attend colleges, in order to secure it's company structure? This was a huge surprise to me and a big letdown, as I was made to feel guilty about accepting grants and assistance for my own journey. The hypocrasy nearly made me collapse in anger when I learned of this.

    It was control of the highest order and I feel bad for what has to be hundreds of thousands of bright, articulate children out there who did not get their opportunity because their parents were being lied to.

  • daniel-p

    The Rapster, First, welcome to JWD. There is a double standard used in the JW religion. They tell the "ordinary" rank and file to not go to college, but they do not seem to look down on those with higher status (pioneers, ex-bethelites, elder's children, etc) doing it. This is evidenced in what the WTS says in their magazines and what they say at conventions and assemblies, then contrasting that with what they will tell you if you contact the Writing Department. I have done so and was told that there was nothing wrong with seeking to "improve your financial situation" by going to college. They also said that their policy on college was basically a recommendation to those who would be easily led astray by higher education. If you read between the lines they're saying that they don't trust most rank and file JWs to go to college. They trust the *seemingly* smart, mature, spiritual ones, but not the average publisher.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Welcome Rapster,

    I know of young ones that got associate degrees in computers to help them get chosen for Bethel. It would work, though they would often not allow them to use their skills at Bethel for some time. They would have to take a "lowly" job first to prove their humility.

    Judah Ben Schroeder is a good example of the favoritism you noticed. There are others too that they send to college. Very much a double standard. They need a lot of lawyers these days. I am sure they are willing to pay for their education.

    I am sorry that a lot of bright young ones were prevented from reaching their full potential. While still a jw, I encouraged all my children to get college educations and they all did. Glad you're not bitter and glad you are free to choose your own path.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead


    Good point. Recently I found out that a bethelite went through law school so that the society could have a new lawyer...

    But this is nothing new. While the WTS discourages the friends to buy their own home, the society gobbles up property. And while they tell us to keep our eye simple, they always have the latest gadgets in their lobbies,i.e. large flatscreen TV's. So no wonder they don't practice what they preach about the college issue...

    Myself, I'm studying online to get my degree...

  • daniel-p

    choosing life, that reminds me of the many college student JWs I've known that use the "going to Bethel" line in their reasoning. It's become standard policy that those who are making bethel their goal can go to College without suffering ostracism. By the time I started college I made it plainly known that I wasn't planning on returning to Bethel, but that I was doing it so I could make a living. I viewed college as my job. My local elders didn't much like that.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Welcome rapster,

    Big Brooklyn chiefs speak with fork tounqe, many tounqe twisters misleed many folk.Doctor say take with pinch of salt.

  • The Rapster
    The Rapster

    It is gratifying to know you are making your way in spite of the tremendous hold the organization had on young people. Education is so important, it's never too late.

  • AudeSapere
    I feel bad for what has to be hundreds of thousands of bright, articulate children out there who did not get their opportunity because their parents were being lied to.

    I feel bad for me, too, sometimes. I'm one of those diverted from continued education.

    As far as Bethel paying for higher education, my understanding is that Judah Schroeder's education was paid for by his wealthy father-in-law. There was a post about it just a few days ago (I think).

    While it's clear that there have been double standards - we all can cite examples - do you have clearcut proof that Bethel paid for others to go to school?

    I don't disagree with you. Just looking for facts to support the claim. My own mother has said that they sent a few to school in order to further support kingdom needs with qualified people that the society can trust. But I tend not trust my mom either.

    So... A little more in the way of specific details is appreciated. Thanks.


  • The Rapster
    The Rapster

    I found out about it from conversation with a district overseer in L.A. who just casually mentioned how computer technologies were important and some young people were being sent for higher education (this was in the 80's mind you). Ever since then it has made perfect sense to me, once I got over it. As a growth business, the organization would certainly do this to protect its interests. It never occured to me in youth this would even be possible.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Welcome Rapster....I am glad you are not bitter. I am. The wbts misled me and my family and I am only now getting my college started at age 46. I lost out on a military career, college, and my future because of the lies I believed. How do you keep from being bitter? I would like to know how.

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