I was puzzled...

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  • brunnhilde

    I'm surprised, most Dubs aren't usually that considerate! Of course, they're probably trying to softpedal to maybe suck you in later...


  • Hope4Others
    hope4others...lol...I'll stick with un-believing mate!

    Do I feel like an A$$ ! Not too good on the Abrev's......

  • OnTheWayOut

    Was the prayer out loud given by a woman? That's part of the male-dominated WT organization
    you observed, if that's the case.

    A woman shows respect to the man of the house and to her "head." If your SIL didn't have a
    husband present, she was still showing respect to her sister's husband, because the spiritual
    head is supposed to be the man/husband and the womenfolk are supposed to respect that.

    It's silly to try to explain, but that's my take on this.

  • Shadow1

    OTWO...the SIL's husband was there, but a young JW male that was visiting, said the prayer.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Here are two possibilities-

    1. They feel weird praying outloud using the name "Jehovah" or weird praying with an unbeliever in the house
    because they are concerned that demons will suddenly come out of you.

    2. They just think it's common decency to pray and to ask any non-JW's if that bothers them, so they do so.

  • Casper
    They just think it's common decency to pray and to ask any non-JW's if that bothers them, so they do so.

    Wonder what would happen if the "Guest" said ...Yes, it would bother me"... ???


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Having suffered through plenty of uncomfortable flag salutes, national anthems, etc. I think many JWs would have enough empathy for the non-JW to think about how they might feel.

    Here's what I've always done whenever non-JWs have joined us for dinner.

    Privately, before dinner, I casually mention that "We usually say a prayer before eating, but if you're even the LEAST bit uncomfortable with that, it's no big deal for us to skip it. We say quick, silent prayers in restaurants all the time."

    We've never skipped a prayer yet. But the guests have always appreciated having the option of no prayer.

    Then I always offer the most non-denominational prayer I can pull off without getting DFed. I usually use Jehovah at the start and always Jesus at the end. Other than mentioning Jehovah & Jesus, I think even most atheists would probably be cool with a prayer of gratitude and reflection.


  • Casper

    Open mind,

    I had never encountered anyone that said they would mind, and I seriously wondered how one would handle it...



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