Very Rare! "MILITARISM" by JFR

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  • Athanasius

    From what I have read Rutherford was never a member of the "New York City Bar," because there was no such association. However, Rutherford was known to frequent several New York City bars.

  • chasson

    I have asked this question because i am surprised that the government during the trial of the seven directors has not used it, even if it has been published before the entrance of the US in the war.

  • bereanbiblestudent

    Thanks Nathan I am glad that it is finally available online. I have been looking for it for a long time but there are only a few copies left, so the price for original copies is way to high for "normal" people.

  • bereanbiblestudent

    Date would be before August 1916 because page 2 says more then a year has passed since august 1914 and it would likely have said more then 2 years if it was later then that. I found the following reference on my hard disk to it: From time to time collectors of Watchtower publications find, what can truly be considered a "Rare" publication. Well, this past week, Tower Discount Books found a publication that fits that description. It is a booklet written by Joseph Franklin Rutherford, prior to his "election" as the second President of the International Bible Students. The booklet is entitled "Militarism". And it measures 6" x 9" in size; and is 16 pages in length. Prior to finding this copy, there was only one known copy know amongst collectors of WT publications. One other major collector/dealer has a laminated copy of it. Therefore, to our knowledge, there are only two known copies of this rare booklet. Since there is only one known copy of Rutherford's rare booklet entitled "Man's Salvation", this must be considered the second rarest publication written by Rutherford. We will be holding on to it until further notice, at which time, we may either, sell it or auction it off. Perhaps maybe even trade it. ---------- That was years ago when Angel was writting his reply to the trinity brochure

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Chasson asked,

    I have asked this question because i am surprised that the government during the trial of the seven directors has not used it, even if it has been published before the entrance of the US in the war.

    Frankly that was exactly what I was thinking when I heard about this just a couple of weeks ago. Perpare yourself for a little letdown - the booklet is remarkably innocuous. Not the kind of inflamatory rhetoric that got ol' Joe in trouble only a few months later. Another possiblity is that the tract was SO little circulated that the US gov't didn't know it existed. I'm assuming the gov't had someone who acted as an informant against the WTB&TS, and the informant may have been unaware of the tract's existence. ======================== BereanBibleStudent commented,
    ...the price for original copies is way to high for "normal" people.
    but... I'm not normal.
  • garybuss

    Got it! Thanks! Good find!

  • VM44

    Could this be the "New York City Bar" in which Rutherford claimed membership?

    Perhaps they could confirm if Rutherford was ever a member?

  • Leolaia
    "Q. You are also a member of the New York Bar?
    A. Yes, sir, became a member of the New York Bar in 1910" (United States vs. Rutherford et al., 1918, p. 965).

    Personally I find it exceedingly unlikely that he would lie about this, as a defendent in a major trial that could throw him in the slammer for decades. Such a claim should presumably have been easy to verify.

  • Fadeout

    That's very interesting. The Society's position, by my recollection, has always been that prior to 1914, the world as a whole was in a sort of innocent Golden Age free from worry about the future, and that the war suddenly broke from out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise.

    This booklet, written contemporaneously with those events, paints an entirely different picture:

    "In July, 1914, the countries of Europe were in an extremely nervous condition. Internal labor and governmental questions were threatening the peace and tranquility of Great Britain; Socialism was menacing Germany, while revolution was fomenting in Russia. But aside from these home troubles another and greater storm was threatening and which was destined to break shortly thereafter."

    "More than a quarter of a century prior thereto the Imperial Government of Germany began to build a great military and naval power. Other nations assuming that armament is necessary in self defense followed the example of Germany. Year after year new instruments of destruction were devised. Year after year the strong Kingdoms of Europe increased both in armament and trained soldiers. The thoughtful and observing people foresaw that a great international war was not only threatened, but was almost a certainty. The public press for several years had been predicting a great conflict. In the spring time it was announced that the war would come in all probability before autumn. In the autumn it was announced through the public press that surely the war could not be held off until spring."

    What? All this was years before 1914? I thought Satan coming down to Earth is what suddenly awoke a whole new savagery in man! Turns out the fuse had been lit for decades!

    Fortunately, Da Judge eventually learned the fine art of revising history.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Seems like only ten years ago!

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