Can You Stand One More Thread on " Generation "?- Check this Out- Weird !

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  • sir82
    They kept harping on 1919 as the opening door for all the FDS. Am I nuts, or has that date never really been important before?

    Obviously you've never read the "Isaiah - Light for all Mankind" books.

    It quite clearly states there that everything, I mean everything, that Isaiah wrote had fulfillment in 1919.

    Imagine, 2 books, 400+ pages, and it seems like that date appears at least twice on every page.

    That was easily the most excruciating book study ever.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    There is an ever present and continuing process of bullshitting going back to C.T.Russell's day within JW history..

    This whole religious faith is all structured on bullshit, it truly is astonishing to realize that they have kept this going for so long now.

    I think back on occasion of that video of a talk at an assembly back in the early 30's and the speaker proclaimed that millions now living will never die,

    unfortunately everyone in attendance today are now dead.

    You really can not underestimate the stupidity of the general public, really !

    But I guess of the bullshit is sweet to the ears someone out there is going to taste it.

    A good example of the power of the press and what it can accomplish.

  • flipper

    Wow ! Thanks for all the replies ! Had to work a lot overnight , so I'll reply individually ! Good posts !

    KEYSER SOZE- Yes Keyser ! I'm a naughty little boy, ain't I questioning Jah's ( alledged) earthly channel!Let's just say I don't trust them !

    HORRIBLE LIFE- I think we all missed this " nw information " before - because it has never really existed ! It's fake. LOL! I get " tingles " from the witnesses too - but it's not the warm variety. It's the kind that runs up and down your spine and totally creeps you out !

    HOMEROVAH- I agree. Millions then living in the 1930's- are now dead. Yeah, God was just testing his flock - that's it ! LOL! I think you are right. Lots of witnesses are dropping out over this " new " information. I too think it's a marketing ploy to keep members in - yes power and corruption do go hand in hand, exactly !

    RESTRANGLED- The broad term for a " generation " is 100 years ? Wow! That's pretty broad I'd say, if the dictionary I read says 30 years or the time of birth till when we raise our own children , then they raise their children - I can see maybe 60 to 70 years max , but I think the witnesses are really reaching here for anything to stretch their " predictions "! LOL! 1919- Wasn't that the end of World War 2 ?

    SAMUEL THORSEN- " Where else shall we go ?" I know myself - after working all night - I'm going to get a good nights sleep tonight - thanks ! LOL! I'm not gonna worry about the " last days " any more !

    JUST HUMAN- Good post response ! I agree this is just a con game - or decoy the WTS is pulling to get their rank and file members to still be commintted to the " false " dream. If they can get younger , newer anointed partaking of the emblems and open the door to them - they can make the " generation " last longer.

    R. CRUSOE- I agree with you. The Watchtower society truly just might grab at some future date out of the sky ! Just to keep some interested ! Who knows maybe next they will shoot for December 2012 - the Mayan calendar indicates something might happen then ! Oh, wait. That would be pagan on their part. Oh well, if it suits their purpose , I'm sure they would use it ! LOL!

    MEGAWATT- I agree people in remote " third world " or " rural " areas as you say are more gullible and superstitious as to believe this " generation " garbage !

    POTLEG- Good points you make ! I agree. The witnesses NEED to believe what they've been told or they'll be scared to death ! It's twisted but if like little birds the " Momma organization " bird doesn't bring them a worm to eat - it would be like the witnesses getting the rug pulled out from underneath them ! They believe this garbage - out of fear of the unknown !

    QUIRKY 1 - " Obsessive Suppressive " I like that phrase. Pretty cool. Yes- The WTS can't afford to have the witnesses doubt so they create fictitious things to keep them believing . In order not to have to deal with the REALITY of what a generation really is - they make up their own numbers !

    AWAKENED GILEAD- So it was 1919 that woke you up ? My son- happy is he that awakens to the 1919 information, and didn't have to wait until the 1975 information ! You are blessed ! Next is those having to wait on the 2050 information - they are much to be pitied ! LOL!

    NEW YORK 44M- The WTS is really " undefineable " when they are trying to " define " something. In other words - they make no sense whatsoever.

    JOELBEAR 69- I hear what you are saying. Believing this stuff makes the witnesses minds " soft " and malleable " , like silly putty in the Watchtower societies hands. It's incredible how the Watchtower society is combining the ideas of the " end " with who are now considered the " anointed " . Pretty sick . But manipulative of their numbers .

    OTWO- I agree with you. I was so busy working providing for kids and a wife in 1995 as a witness- so I didn't do my personal study like I should have. Don't remember reading the 1995 article. I wasn't paying attention to the changes . But I'll tell you what - This 2008 change would have sure as hell caught my attention and knocked me out of the witnesses for good if I hadn't left by 2003 like I did !

    RAPUNZEL- I agree with everything you say. This " prophecy" of Jesus was only meant for the Jews in Jerusalem who were destroyed in 70 C.E. Go figure- Jesus predicted it in 33 C.E. , then Jerusalem gets destroyed 37 years later by the Roman armies ! Hey ! That's 37 years later - in the same generation ! Isn't that something ! I like your post and reasonableness . One of the best posts yet. None of that prophecy stuff was predicted for our lifetime - I agree.

    STILLAJWEXELDER- Yeah buddy , I know I've flipped out ! LOL! But I could never believe the WTS is to be " obeyed " ! I thought only " dogs " obey their masters - and I ain't no dog ! LOL!

    TIRED of the HYPOCRISY- Great u-tube ! I love satire humor ! LOL! Yep- The generation teaching is just that way - the Watchtower can change it any time , and anyway they choose - and they'll still believe it ! Weird.

    MARY- I agree with you. The Watchtower society is doing this " extending " of the invitation to recruit more younger anointed ones - so the generation will extend on and on. Jesus returning invisibly was weird to me as well. Never thought it happened.

    JK- I agree the WTS and governing body are chock full of brown disgusting excrement ! And, what's worse is they cram that excrement down the throats of every Jehovah's Witness ! Sick twisted turds.

    HEATHEN- You are right. It's amazing that the WTS has the nerve to not only deceive their members the first time around with fantasy information - but hey lets go do it again ! Maybe the rank and file will buy this line !

    FLYPHISHER- I think Jesus has some beating to do for sure and is probably a little angry right now. He should start the beatings at the top - beating the $hit out of the governing body misrepresenting him wrongly to the members of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    SIR 82- I remember the " Isahiah" book studies. Thanks for pouring lemon juice in that paper cut ! LOL! Those book studies were boring and excruciating to sit through ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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