New bookstudy slips?

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  • blondie

    There are various unofficial software out there online that jws use. But an individual by individual attendance list is not something I see the WTS openly endorsing. Most elders in my experience, have little clue who attends and who doesn't. I can see some individual anal ones doing so.

  • doinmypart

    If it is a WT produced form, it should have a form code in the lower right or lower left corner (similar to S-77, S-89, etc.).

    A few years back the WT did produce a card for keeping each CBS monthly attendance. The card was a little larger than an index card, heavy stock paper, with rows & columns. It was too small to record individual attendees; only large enough to record the count. If I remember correctly the weekly attendance was recorded and then a monthly average (depending on 4 weeks or 5 weeks) was the count used for the CBS monthly attendance. All the CBS averages were used to obtain the congregation's CBS average.

    This isn't too different for what is done for the other meetings. The form used to record Bible Studies is also the form used to track meeting attendance. On the left side of this particular form there is a place to record the weekly attendance of a particular meeting (Public Talk, TMS, etc.) and then the average is used for the monthly count.

  • lawrence

    The Borg will never get it... whether it is 20 people or 200 people at a book study, it still amounts to groups of automaton hypocrits, who sold their souls to the devil watchtower. Another form, is like another brick in the wall. The WTS takes one's best years and sucks out the life blood, as fastidious anal animals complete reams of forms.

  • AudeSapere

    I just re-read the opening post and think that we've not been talking about the same thing.

    Has anyone seen these new bookstudy slips? They have a chart where the conducter is to put a check mark after each meeting the student attends and then average it out at the end of the month.

    I think the poster is talking about 'Bible Study Report' [for newly interested & private study sessions] rather than book study [congregational].

    I do recall seeing a report slip like this in addition to the Field Report Slip. It is used to report private Bible Studies and each 'study' is counted as one per month. Each time that study meets, it's counted as a return visit.

    The Bible Study Report has been around for decades and decades. I remember it from when we started studying back in 1970.


  • yourmomma

    yeah, my fault, i meant Bible STUDY report. sorry about that. i have seen Bible study reports ever since I have been a kid. but i never saw one that kept track of the meetings that the student went to.

  • misspeaches

    Hmm how very interesting. I'd love to see a scan! I figured you meant a bible study slip.

    What swing will they put on this? I imagine something along these lines "Brothers and Sisters - there are currently 40 bible studies being conducted in the congregation. The average meeting attendance of these studies is less than one meeting a month!! Brothers and sisters encourage your studies to come to the meetings! Get them along. Help them progress. Do more, do more, do more!!"

    I have a theory (which is formulating as I type) they will use this form to chastise people as well as pressure them to get the studies to the meetings. They know that a lot of bible studies go no where. They aren't experiencing enough 'growth' and this is a tactic they are hoping will make a difference. Does that make sense? It does to me!

  • Gordy

    A monthly report used to be made for the Book Study Group.

    I had to count each week the number in attendance. Then on the Bible Study Report slip, at the end of the month. Enter the attendance for each week and give and average.

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