It was awful

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  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    As I posted in a previous thread, I went to a friends funeral on Friday( I'll call him Peter). It was my first time back to a KH in years. As I walked in I overheard a "sister" telling her friend that she had to come straight from work and that's why she was wearing pants and that she hoped no one would think that she was "wordly". I wanted to tell her that there are worst thing in life that been thought of as wordly but out of respect for the family I kept my mouth shut.

    I sat down at the back and the talk started. They spent about 2 minutes talking about Peter and 15 minutes preaching about how you must get your life right with Jehovah so that you can live on paradise earth. They mocked the churches for giving their members a heavenly hope,sang (if you can call it that) an awful song. The whole thing was over in 20 minutes.

    An friend of mine who has never been a JW commented about how strange the whole thing was.

    After the service I went with my friend, Peter's sister, back to their house for tea. At least there were many non-jw's and many people were talking about the fond memories they had of Peter. His wife and children were comforted by many friends.

    At the house some well meaning jw told me that I should really start getting my life right with Jehovah. I told her that it was right with him and that I did not have to go to meetings for that.

    Funerals are never a pleasant experience but a jw funeral is just aweful.

  • free2think

    That sounds awful Mrs Smith.

    Im sorry about your friend.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Funerals are what I'm dreading having to endure. I suppose we have to be strong enough to realise that they are all trapped and that we just have to give them some slack.

    Well done for getting through it.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am glad you told us how it went. It was about as bad as I thought it would be. I am sorry that your friend has passed on. I know the grief of losing a loved one and I am praying for you and the family, so you may have some comfort during this time.

    Be well.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Thanks for the update... I was thinking of you of Friday!

    I am sure you got some tongues wagging when you said that your life was right with God to that "sister"!



  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have not been able to stomach one yet - don't know if I will other than my MIL who is aged.

    I elected not to go when two of my friends [or I had thought so for decades] died. They had both shunned me for months before they died, though I was not even DA'd at that point.

    Sorry you had to endure that.


  • jakes

    JW funerals are very impersonal. It turns out to be an advertisement for the Watchtower to gain new recruits.


  • LouBelle

    Hi Mrs. Smith - yes they are aweful - good for you for showing support though!

  • Scully

    I'm sorry you had to endure that.

    It seems typical that the average JW's funeral (aka Memorialâ„¢) is approximately 20 minutes long. I don't know about anyone else, but it takes me longer than that just to get ready to go to a funeral and probably just as much time spent driving to where ever it is being held.

    I'm not convinced that attending JW funerals is actually "supportive" of the family of the person who has died. I'm starting to feel, in view of the Infomercial-ish nature of these events, that attending a JW funeral is simply providing an audience for the Infomercial.

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