Does anyone Jog?

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  • Hope4Others
    asilentone- if you find a partner to motivate you

    I'd grab the hubby but I can seem to get him off the computer.

    RR- I'm a mail man.

    Well you gotta be in great shape with all the walking...

    skeeter1- 2 miles a few times a week. It works off the beer.

    That's what I was thinking, although its red wine for me, decided to try to cut out those extra calories.

    noman-I eventually built up my endurance...then I get pregnant, stopped jogging

    I've seen these great stollers one wheel on the front two on the back, and a few young women rollerblading behind or jogging, there is really a lot of cool stuff

    out there for kids now.

    hillbillie-thats why we have horses

    Do you have any? And if so do you ride much? The first horse I ever got on I was thrown off, I was in grade 4 but I still love horses and did get back on.

    Homerovah- Set a defined program on a week to week basis within your distance - purchasing the most cushioning pair of runners you can find that will fit your feet,

    Great advise, I do find the runners difficult, with cross trainers, basketball, etc etc, I was thinking of the "air ones" and maybe adding gel inserts.

    So maybe every other day at first?

    Sad emo -Do gentle warm up (before) AND warm down (after) exercises too - this will help you avoid muscle strain and cramps -

    Yes, I will definitely do that. Thanks

    seeker4-We run trails for as much of the year as it's possible
    seeker4-Considering that shoes are about the only real expense in running, it's worth it to get a good pair.

    We do have trails here really close to the house, great views. I had a real good treadmill but the daughter suckered it out of me a few years ago. Yes I was referring

    to the shoe's.

    My grampa always said if you spend your money on anything a good pair of shoes are the first thing you should buy.

    Everyone has such great advise I'm feeling super charged and ready to go!


  • WTWizard

    Definitely, if you are out of shape, you should start easy. Nothing is worse than going out for a hard jog or run after spending the whole winter doing nothing more than pushing a TV remote. And, if you have any reservations, you might wish to see a doctor to make sure it's safe to begin an exercise program (they always recommend that, but often it is as much to get you into the doctor's office so they can prescribe a bunch of pills and create new problems).

    You just do as much as you comfortably can. Some people can get right out there and run without its bothering them too much. Others can only waddle a block or less before needing to stop for a break. Either way, everyone needs to start somewhere. And, if all you can do is waddle a block, that is enough to start. Eventually you will be walking (or running) several miles a day. As long as you keep at it, you will gradually improve. And, by the time you are doing 6 or more miles a day, you will not be waddling for much longer.

  • Hope4Others
    wtwizard-Definitely, if you are out of shape, you should start easy
    if all you can do is waddle a block, that is enough to start

    Well good thing I don't have to worry about waddling, I hope never to allow myself to get to that point then is becomes a hardship to do.

    I do a lot of walking already and I am no more than 7 lbs over from where the average

    for my height/body type is. Here's a cool chart to figure out where you would be comfortable at. Of course I removed my figures!

    Your so funny, I love your comments.


  • Outaservice

    I hired someone to jog for me. He goes by the house at 7 each morning and I always wave. Best money I ever spent!


  • stillajwexelder

    no way hosea

  • R.Crusoe

    If there is pussy on the route I will go miles!

    So in an ideal world we will all jog forever!

  • Hope4Others

    We so need to get a group together to find you a (dream girl and soul mate ) Crusoe, you've really

    got it bad.



  • lisavegas420

    I want to start jogging too. Two things stop me, first, I feel like people are staring at me, second my boobs bounce up and down. I think I'll start going out before daylight and again when it starts getting dark.


  • lonelysheep

    Two days in (jog/walking equal parts 1.5 miles). I'm too chicken yet to go on the roads, so I use a track instead. I felt better than I did on Wednesday when I thought I was going to collapse.

  • Priest73

    I only run from commitment and hard work.

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