Does anyone Jog?

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  • Hope4Others

    Springs about here and I've seen a few out already, some say it is quite a rush and once you start you

    can't quit. I've been thinking of starting this year and wonder if there are any pointers I should know since it will be much

    different then a treadmill. I did notice people do not wear much even if its abit chilly. Are there better runners than others for this?


  • asilentone

    I do jog sometimes, it would be better if you find a partner to motivate you.

  • RR

    I use to jog, now I just walk, of course I don't have choice, I'm a mailman.

  • skeeter1

    Skeeter jogs. I do about 2 miles a few times a week. It works off the beer.

  • Nowman

    I started jogging in 2005 for 5 months straight. In the beginning, it was tough, I had to jog, walk, jog, walk etc. Then I eventually built up my endurance...then I get pregnant, stopped jogging. Regardless, this year (1/1/08), I started doing a cardio dance DVD (all kinds available), to start small, then I gradually have added more, until the weather broke (although I do not mind running when its cold, but I know I needed to build some endurance 1st).

    My point is, jogging was a great work out, I would feel it all over, it made me feel stronger. Its finally stating to warn here in north Illinois, I hope to be able to jog tonight for the 1st time!


  • hillbilly
    hillbilly sombody chasing me?

    I try not to get left afoot to often.... thats why we have horses


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    If I can offer some advise I would say start slowly with the purpose of conditioning but not to give too much pain and discomfort.

    A little pain is to be expected, but don't over stress your self to a point that you get discouraged and drop out.

    Set a defined program on a week to week basis within your distance and pace and on your comfort and conditioning level.

    For beginning runners I strongly recommend purchasing the most cushioning pair of runners you can find that will fit your feet,

    your feet and knees will thank you for that in the long run ( no pun intended )

    Even wearing thick sport socks is a good idea also , if you haven't been doing any road work your legs and feet will feel less pain if you pay attention to what your

    putting on them.

    The key to a successful conditioning program is to progress slowly with set goals, if your distance you feel is not enough then increase it, if you think your distance

    is too much then back it off a little and don't forget to take a day off to rest and recuperate, but keep in mind to keep your program constant so that

    you can progress and make the important health gains.

    One of the advantages of running is that it increases your metabolism and therefore this will cause you to loose weight, at the same time will strengthen your

    lower body from your shoulders down.

    Another plus is when running distances your brain releases endorphins that make you feel good and therefore puts you in a good mood, this is often called the

    runners high, imagine that a high that you can obtain without having to take any drugs or booze, what a concept, and at the same time doing

    something to benefit your health and not diminish it.

    Good luck and good health to you,

    After saying that I think I better get off my ass and go for a run

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Homers pointers are good - especially make sure you have the correct type of trainers, my knees and ankles are shot to bits for lack of proper footwear when I used to run

    Do gentle warm up (before) AND warm down (after) exercises too - this will help you avoid muscle strain and cramps - that's why football teams etc do them

    Have fun!!

  • Seeker4

    My girlfriend Lori and I are runners. I find running on hard surfaces not great for my left knee, so we're waiting for the trails in the forests around our house to get cleared of snow and the mud to dry up some. Been a looong winter up here!

    We run trails for as much of the year as it's possible, and we have an excellent treadmill for training in winter. Lori has been a long distance runner for decades, and I've run off and on for 30 years or more. We like to get out and do an hour or hour and a half together in the woods, though a 45 minute run is fine with me. Right now we're training to run some 5K races this year.

    You asked: "Are there better runners than others for this?" Here in the States runners are the people, but are you referring to the running shoe? If so, there are tons of great shoes out there, and you might want to get your running style and foot configuration checked at a good running store where people know what they're doing. Then you can get a shoe specifically designed for you that will help prevent injury. Considering that shoes are about the only real expense in running, it's worth it to get a good pair.

    In running and other sports right now, they are discovering that what is referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) provides the most bang for the buck. HIIT can be researched online, but in a nutshell it's running where you increase intensity over a few minutes, drop back down to about 60% effort, then repeat the cycle several times.

    You get a hell of a workout in a half hour or so, and it is by far the fastest way to increase your level of fitness.

    I had to laugh at the comment about running a couple of miles a few times a week to burn off the beers! Running burns about 100 calories a mile. So you'd have to run over a mile for every beer you drank! Eating a chocolate chip cookie probably adds more calories than running a mile burns!

    If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are an unbeatable combination, especially if you add HIIT running, which is also known as Extreme Interval Fat Burning (EIFB), which you can also look up. If you want to get really fit AND have a hell of a lot of fun doing it, HIIT or EIFB is the way to go!

    PM me if you want some more info, and happy running! I'm dying to get out on the trails to see how a winter of EIFB on the treadmill translates to being on the trails in the woods, which is just the greatest place to run!


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I'd have to agree with Seeker in that running trails is far more enjoyable than running on pavement or streets for that matter, the air is cleaner and healthier and therefore more invigorating

    to take in. But playing close attention to footwear is very important, the idea is is to wear runners that have a little more ankle support.

    Another suggestion that I would support that Seeker mentioned is buying your clothing gear and runners at a reputable running shop rather that an a

    big box sell everything kind of store, the reason being is that the people who work in these stores are actual avid runners and are professional in this sport.

    Happy running

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