Did you ever see acts of randomness in the congregation?

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  • R.Crusoe

    The worst thing is the complex guilt network the kid will be imprinted with over things all his/her peers taks as fun and choice life occurences of no particular importance!

    Making them significant skews more significant things as unattainable and detaches the individual form engaging in what life there is to be had!

    I hope someone advises the kid on how to link up with peers and get a life whilst swimming back to Alcatraz home to get some rest!

  • Casper


    You are totally right on your take of the situation.

    The child was never allowed anything. They would all go out for ice cream and he had to sit there with a cup of water. I seen this many times. My hubby and & I began to make up excuses not to go with them any more.

    He had no medical condition that I knew of. It made me sick the way he was treated.

    He did go on to become a MS... sadly he drowned about 2 years ago, at the age of 22, having never known freedom from such a repressive life.

    (Yes, my first thought was to call the police, when I seen 2 people on my lawn...lolol. OOHHH, I wish I had...)


    edited to add.... No they didn't find it... and I'm sure he was beaten for lying... or so they thought...

  • 10p
    One time a natural gas truck pulled up to our house and filled our tank. Someone in the congregation had annonymously paid for it.

    I think its good to reflect from time to time that most JWs are really good hearted people, skinned and thrown about like sheep without a shepherd by a heartless Guberning Body.

    My mom once picked up a sister in our cong who's husband had been out of work for a few weeks (there was no social welfare system at all in South Africa at the time), took her to the grocery store and told her to buy her months groceries (dunno how others do it, but in SA we used to do a months shopping at once. Here in NZ, we do it weekly.) My mom did her groceries too, and then paid for both trolley's full.

    I remember that occasion like it was yesterday, because it was so unusual a thing for witnesses to do. I was really proud of my parents - and somewhat confused (I must've been about 12) as to howcome they were almost going against the organisation by doing it. I can't quite describe the feeling ... but there was an atmosphere of defiance in the air, like we were going to help our brothers despite the society. weird.

  • 10p

    I had a brother-in-law, lets call him Alan (he had a similar sounding name ... you will see why it is important in a second)

    He was closing the service meeting with prayer, and his last words were "In Jesus name, Alan."

    I always thought he was egotistical. That's about as random as it got for me, other than the usual stuff old geezers would pull off (standing up to sing the song in the middle of the meeting etc).

  • Gregor

    Towards the end of a well delivered Sunday public talk several sisters near the front of the hall began to say "Amen", then started trembling and mumbling gibberish. A couple of them wet their pants, one fainted and after the meeting another one followed the speaker home and offered him a BJ.

  • odie67

    an elder showed up at the park drunk. (everyone just pretended it never happened)

    a bunch of teenagers a got into a huge fist fight at the assembly. that was hilarious.....

  • Gregor

    My previous post was a complete fabrication. I'm sorry and I will try to get help.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Gregor, I thought that was pretty funny.

    Just a random fantasy during a boring talk maybe?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Gregor, you had me up until the bj. We all know where they stand on that.

  • uwishufish

    No they dont stand at all to do it.

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