Did you ever see acts of randomness in the congregation?

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  • truthseeker

    Bit of a weird title I know, but it's the best I could come up with.

    Acts of randomness - a speaker refusing to give a talk, a party-pooper elder going to a party, a long time servant of Jah criticising the cong during WT comments.

    People you thought you knew doing some completely weird or out of character.

    An act of randomness could appear at the end of a talk on "widening out" when a certain someone who doesn't like you decides to say hello.

  • oompa

    Truth, you need more coffe this morning!! However you said :

    a long time servant of Jah criticising the cong during WT comments.

    and yeah I heard myself do that a bit...........................oompa

  • truthseeker

    Hey Oompa,

    I'm drinking my coffee now! :)

    Yeah, weird title, but that was my act of randomness.

    I have heard persons in good standing criticize their brothers and sisters during WT to get across certain points.

  • WTWizard

    This kind of snafu is all too rare in the congregation I used to go to. And it was getting rarer--anything that even slightly deviated from The Track was classified as disorderly, and Jehovah is supposed to be a God of order.

    In fact, I have seen much too much order in the congregation. I have never seen a stray hand not go out in passage of a resolution in late years (only once was anyone against one--an unbaptized person, about age 10 or so, turned out the lights upon the hounder saying "Anyone against (the resolution, which I will not divulge the purpose of to help protect the innocent)?".

    I have also seen rare incidents where the sound attendant put in the wrong CD or hit the wrong track. I saw one speaker not show up in all of 10 years of steady meeting attendance. I have also seen people not show up for their talks a lot in the mid 1990s, making subs and taking the talks out of order a frequent occurrence for a while. And once the "brother" handling the littera-trash refused to put it out, and a "sister" (one that was seasoned at that) jumped out of fear of being struck dead along with the "brother" that didn't put it out.

    Field circus has had somewhat better irregularities. The most common was for no one to show up, usually end of the month Fridays. Sometimes they will pass the house, and I will see it and keep my big mouth shut so they can waste the time hunting for it. People have called to be picked up, and were not ready when we got there. And those errands were occasional welcome breaks.

  • jgnat

    I've seen both pastors and speakers in the kingdom hall forget to insert the "not" and end up advising us to listen to or worship Satan, for instance. Always good for a laugh.

    At the Kingdom Hall, there's always the fringe element, simple people who just won't ever get it all together. Maybe they wear sneakers with the suit. Or laugh too loud. You can see they are tolerated but not loved. I'm getting to know them better.

  • oompa

    Does this count? My shapely (at 31) wife randomly stuffed the entire back half of her skirt down her pantyhose when leaving the ladies room and pranced halfway down the aisle (we were on the second front aisle). An elder who had the hots for her tackled her and hauled her to the back..................................oompa

  • WTWizard
    I've seen both pastors and speakers in the kingdom hall forget to insert the "not" and end up advising us to listen to or worship Satan, for instance.

    I didn't wait to be told to listen to or worship their Satan. I just went ahead and did it anyway. I skip all the boasting sessions. I have a computer, and it's online (and on apostate forums like this one). I bought a Ouija board. I have the Christmas decorations. I am a member of a "society of secrets" that actually encourages people to think independently of leaders.

    I think I am doing a pretty good job of worshiping their Satan. All without being told to from the platform.

  • Casper

    One night around 3:00 in the morning, I heard a noise outside our bedroom window. I looked out and there was 2 people messing around in my shrubs that were lined along the sidewalk. They both had flashlights and seemed to be looking for something.

    I recognized them to be the PO and his Wife. This PO is as uptight and hard line as they come, still is. I went to the front porch and asked what in the heck they were doing...

    They were looking for a "Breath Mint".... I kid you not...!!!!

    We had the BS in our home with the PO presiding... their 12yr. son (at the time) was not allowed sugar in any form, seems when they got home they noticed a "minty freshness to his breath".... and apparently all hell broke loose.

    Poor kid... said some sister gave it to him, but he spit it out after the meeting...of course they didn't believe him, hence the search.........

    I thought how totally stupid can you get........to be out at 3:00 in the morning...hunting for a breath mint....

    Seemed like random actions to me........


  • WTWizard

    That is about as stupid as they come. I can understand not allowing a child sugar in any form only in situations where it is medically necessary. And many breath mints contain sorbitol or xylitol, both of which are sugar alcohols and not metabolized like real sugar (they are more complex carbohydrates).

    This does not sound like a medical condition that makes total avoidance of sugar a necessity. It sounds more like someone depriving a child of anything that smacks of fun. In all likelihood, the breath mint (which he is not going to find in the yard) is the tip of the iceberg. I strongly suspect that he is not allowed to listen to any music except the 225 pieces of Kingdumb Sxxx. I bet that anything that remotely resembles fun at school is strictly forbidden, and this humanoid will go after the school to make sure there is nothing fun going on. All time off is spent in field circus. There is zero tolerance for irregularities at boasting sessions. No TV. No outdoor sports of any kind. No nothing.

    And what would that witless be doing looking for a breath mint on your front lawn? More likely, it is in the trash can of someone else, or he swallowed it. And since when would you expect the empty package to end up on the lawn? The last I knew, the pockets would be the first place to look, and then the trash can. If it is a Tic Tac, there might be no evidence whatsoever (and especially if it was the first few out of the pack, with the remainder of the pack still in place). Even if the Tic Tac were on the lawn, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack--those things are quite tiny, and (especially the white ones) look amazingly like pebbles or seeds.

    Besides, I wonder if it ever occurred to him that skulking on someone else's lawn at 3 in the morning looking for a Tic Tac would get someone in the area to call the cops to report a suspected burglary.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    My family was poor and we seldom could afford to heat our home. We were also southerners who had recently moved north, we were not prepared for the cold winters here.

    One time a natural gas truck pulled up to our house and filled our tank. Someone in the congregation had annonymously paid for it.

    Another time, in the same congo, my mother found several twenties in her purse that hadn't been there before she went to meeting.

    These two acts of random kindness happened in the late 60's in the North congregation in Portland Oregon.

    We really appresiated the heat and the extra food we had that winter, that was true loving kindness.

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