In Memory of Martin Luther King.....

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  • anewme

    Yesterday I heard a recording of one of the last speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King.
    It was absolutely thrilling and most uplifting to hear him speak about his faith and
    his dream of America! Now we know so well that special people like him who call for
    America to wake up and make changes need to be protected from the evil element in society that wishes to
    crush whistle blowers and keep the miserable status quo.

    There are inequalities all throughout America. There are many worthy causes to champion.
    Those voices that emerge to bring us to our senses need our support. And we must be ever
    vigilant and on guard for their safety lest they too are soon silenced for their audacity
    to try and create a just and free America.

  • dinah

    Watched this yesterday. It's just as powerful as "I Have a Dream"

    Still non-violent. What strong man he was. He has the strength to call for non-violence against Bull Conner. There was also a comment about dissent not equaling disloyalty.

    Anyway, it's about Viet Nam, but could still apply today.

  • flipper

    I agree with you Black Pearl . It was a horrible grievous loss for America , and I truly feel had he lived, really race relations would have been so much more improved in this country of ours. I will drink a toast tonight to Dr. Martin Luther King ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • mavie

    I agree BP, April 4th reminded me of the struggle we still face in this nation. America and the world are becoming increasingly multi-cultural and equal rights for all, regardless of race, is critical. It seems that every generation faces this challenge anew, and struggles to provide equal rights for all. Now we can see the struggle for equal protection under the law includes those not only of black, brown, or yellow skin, but those of differing sexual orientation.

    As a people, as a species, we must continue to push for equal protection under the law if we are to survive.

  • dinah

    Mr. Flipper, ya gotta pour a little on the ground too after you make your toast. Just sayin.........

    Watch that speech I posted. It will make sense to you. If my Dad hadn't got lucky on the "lottery" I wouldn't be here. He was the only son my grandfather had---it saved his ASS. They drafted my Dad into the National Guard, he got to stay here, he still did 6 years in the National Guard.

  • Layla33

    I still hear the "I have a dream" speech and get chocked up with emotion. He was truly about all americans and people all over the world loving and interacting in peace and respect.

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