clapping and raising your hand

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  • Hope4Others

    Your clapping for nothing anyway because they have already made the decision, they do not need your approval so why bother?


  • SPAZnik
    Your clapping for nothing anyway because they have already made the decision

    oh the dissonance this brings back!

    don't vote ... uh, except on congregational money issues.

    every publishers vote counts ... uh, but it's clear they've already made the decision.

    oh, and sisters are publishers too ... uh, but don't dare raise questions except via your head of household or in private to a brother after the meeting.

    this process always irritated me. I remember feeling like it was just yet another way of weeding out dissenters. it accomplished little else aside from being ridiculously patronizing, every time.

    pavlov's SPAZ

  • R.Crusoe

    Right, everyone who doesn't think almighty god wants them to raise their hand please leave the building whilst we all slow hand clap!

  • MissingLink

    Never clapped for pioneer announcments. I always thought that our gifts to god were to be given privately (don't let your left hand know what the right is giving).

    I obstained from a vote for a kh spending project. The elders wife sitting next to me said loud as she could - while everyone had their hand up - "put your hand up, or don't you agree with the brothers". I said "no I dont" and kept my hand down. I was pissed because they went straight to a vote without any discussion.

  • moomanchu

    Why do they clap for convention talks and sun public talks but not for any other talks ?

  • WTWizard

    I stopped clapping at those announcements about 3 years in. I could only envision people throwing rotten eggs at the speaker whenever one of those things was stated. Especially anything that insinuated that things were running well or that people would not be allowed to do something they take for granted.

    As for passing those fake resolutions, I stopped doing that after the new Kingdumb Hell quick build. After that, I would just sit there like a dope when they asked for a show of hands in favor of a resolution.

    Nowadays, I have both problems solved. I haven't walked into a Kingdumb Hell in close to 3 years, and I haven't been to a session of one of those Grand Boasting Sessions since 2001. Since quitting those, I do not support the hounder-hounder's new car or bans on entertainment. A side point--I also stopped donating money to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

  • R.Crusoe

    It is another form of self psychological deception - getting you to physicaly act upon a situation you have no say in as if you have contributed to it!

    Kinda brainwashing yourself to agree cuz you need to in order to stay in - any reason you apply will have you heading home!

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