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  • megaflower
  • megaflower

    (I sent it too soon, anyway)

    how many of you stopped supporting the clapping and every time the speaker made some great revalation during the conventions. Blah Blah ok lets clap

    announcments, sister and brother are aux pioneering this month-clap clap

    so and so is an unbaptized publisher clap

    I even stoped raising my hand in support to pay the co expenses after his visit.

  • Casper


    I just pretended to be busy with the Baby... or something... lol.


  • Honesty

    I just stopped stepping through the doorway of the kingdom hall.

    That took care of a lot of things.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Hey megaflower, you just gave me an idea.

    When it comes to passing resolutions to spend the congregation's money they always ask for those "Opposed", which is always zero, unless someone just woke up and accidentally raised their hand.

    I wonder what the BOE would do if someone started CONSISTENTLY & CONSPICUOUSLY raising their hand in opposition to every money-raising resolution? I'm sure the elders would talk to them and ask them why. Then they could just say it's their personal vote not to support this particular resolution and that the reasons are personal. If pressed, the person could turn it right back around on the elders and say:

    "Well if it's WRONG for anyone to oppose a resolution, then WHY even ASK? Doesn't that just mean it's just a huge charade that just wastes everyone's time? Now brothers, I'm not REALLY opposed to the resolution itself. I'm opposed to wasting precious meeting time on money matters when it could be spent on dispensing life-saving spiritual food. Until we stop asking the congregation for what we already know they will approve, I'm opposing all future resolutions."

    Sure would be hard to keep a straight face and say that.

    Sometime down the road at a future apostafest:

    "So OM, how come you finally got DFed?"

    OM: "Willful non-support of the CO's car."


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I never felt very supportive of anything they presented for votes. I just raised my hand to not look like a jerk. Now, I wished I was more honest.

  • spanteach

    I had stopped responding to "clap cues" ages ago. It made me feel like one of Pavlov's dogs every time at an assembly or convention when a brother's voice would begin to get louder and always start out with "and don't we, brothers..." or "aren't we grateful, brothers..." No thanks, I can think for myself! Instead of clapping, I'll just smile and nod politely, how's that?

  • flipper

    MEGAFLOWER- Good thread. The one thing was years ago they used to clap for people being announced as reinstated - but I think in the early 1980's sometime ( the Ted Jaracz era ) they told the congregations to not clap if someone was reinstated as it was inappropriate because they had been disciplined ! Yeah, so let's discipline them more , eh ? Jeez ! Whatever happened to the bit about Jesus saying " there being more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents " ? Yeah, right

  • loosie

    I stopped clapping all the time when I had my first baby. I used to hate it when the clapping would wake up the baby. I should have just stayed home with the baby. the baby was much better company.

  • LayingLow

    I remember watching other people to see if they would clap...

    It was a good way to test how much they were 'in the truth'. The more they clapped, well the more they must be believing it's the truth. I remember sitting by people who wouldn't clap and it really was getting me disturbed (Because I was afraid that in their mind they didn't think it was 'the truth'). Then came the day when I couldn't clap anymore, so I just didn't come back.

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