was Rutherford a drunk person ?

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  • VM44

    How did Judge(!) Rutherford justify disobeying the law of the land (i.e. Prohibition) by having liquor smuggled in from Canada?

    ...and he was a Judge? He was suppose to uphold the law!

  • Leolaia

    VM44...Rutherford wrote:

    "The Prohibition law is in derogation of and therein in violation of God's law, and hence is an act of presumption; that those who claim to believe in and serve God and who participate in making an enforcing the Prohibition law are guilty of presumptuous sin before God" (Prohibition -- Born of God or the Devil, Which?, 1930, p. 24)

    But he was also sure to add: "Let it be clearly understood that I am not advocating the violating of the Prohibition law" (p. 36)

    Yeah, right.

  • R.Crusoe

    I say the same about sex Leo - it should be freely given since there is more pleasure in giving than in receiving! - but only if you look into my eyes and tell me that you love me! Then ye shall recieve more than ye giveth - but in my case don't get your hopes too high - I cant deal with expectation!

  • jose45xyz

    Hello Leolaia

    Do you know if anybody ask to the watchtower about this matter of Rutherford? if it happenede what did they respond?

    do you know how can i access to 5/5/1937 Golden Age?

    Thank you

  • Leolaia

    jose45xyz....I'm sure they would either deny it or say it has no significance. If you bring up some of the sources mentioned here, they would naturally ask if you are a JW and if you have been reading "apostate sources". The Moyle transcript and the Salter letter (or the books by Penton and Gruss) are generally not accessible to the average JW. Their previous attempts at historiography have tended towards whitewash.

    That particular issue of the Golden Age is online somewhere (I don't have the url), but here is the relevant passage:

    This is a direct response to Salter's allegations about Rutherford's alcoholism (so it is best to read Salter's letter first to see what he is replying to). It is significant that the author (C. J. Woodworth), who is strident in his polemic and who would not hesitate to accuse Salter of lying, tacitly concedes Salter's claims but justifies Rutherford's use of alcohol by (1) comparing Rutherford to Jesus, and (2) giving a medical reason for the alcohol use. He calls Salter a hypocrite not for making up facts about Rutherford's drinking but for finding fault with it. Because Woodworth was a hostile witness, what he tacitly admits is quite credible.

  • homejah

    I read on the web years back of a story that after the predictions of the 1925 Tribulation fell through,Rutherford drank much more and in one in which he was found drunk with a bottle between his legs. I wished I had copied that story since it would be hard to find now.

  • villagegirl

    Rutherford was an alcoholic who lived in luxury in the Beth Sarim Mansion

    built in San Diego California ( still there) to house the returning "Prophets of Old"

    who were to be "resurrected in 1925", according to 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die',

    published in 1919. Rutherford moved in to the Mansion, drove an expensive luxury car

    in the depth of the depression ( no charities to worry him or use money up)

    He wore a top hat and was a complete arrogant bastard. Today millions are being

    spent to house the Governing Body in there own private compound, with all services

    provided to them and worldwide travel, courtesy of JW's who think they are the

    sole channel of communication between God and mankind. Rinse and repeat.

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