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    1. Do you believe in faries?

    I believe in spirits.

    That's nice.

    1. Do you believe in faries?

    2. See 1.

    You deny my own experience with a categorical universal negative.

    In what way? I'm not sure what you're saying here.

    I know I don't use the 'well you can't disprove it' argument if you're trying to say I do the same thing.

    Those ways constitute a belief system. That XYZ is a good way to live constitutes a belief. You really can't prove it now can you?

    I have good reasons for believing those ways give me joy. The best reason is that they give me joy. My ways certainly aren't the meaning of life for everyone, only myself. There is no universal meaning of life.

    You caricature what I said.

    I don't think so.

    You write:

    "You are the one that believes we are born simply to die. How can you believe otherwise in a cold uncaring random and meaningless Universe?"

    I believe that life for it's own sake is less satisfying than life for a greater purpose. So no, I believe that eternal life in communion with God wouldn't be a low value existence but a supremely meaningful one.

    Isn't human life just part of this great purpose too? It seems that to even reach the afterlife you seek, you HAD to be born into THIS life first. More than that, you had to be born in a world where you would come to learn of Christianity. I thought you were in communion with God now, and that the years you've lived so far are just the start of your eternal life, seeing as you are going to survive your own death.

    I believe you are lying here. You do not merely want to talk about it like we are discussing the weather

    I never said I did. I said I want to talk about it with people who want to talk about it. I don't say 'I want to find God, please help me.' That would be lying. I say 'I don't believe in a god because I see no reason to believe in one, but I like discussing the issues.' It's then up to them if they want to or not.

    The PM was in response to a thread you wrote weeks ago (and I did tell you this), where you seemed concerned about outspoken atheism. I did not try to deconvert you, I gave explanations as to why outspoken atheism was taking place. It's not the same thing.

    But neither do I surreptitiously go to the meetings of the opposition party to disrupt the purpose it is being held for.

    I have disrupted nothing. I have sat in quietly and did not approach anyone. When asked by members who I was, I explained I was a non believer (nothing hidden). When people gave me their reasons for believing (which I did not ask for), I listened and then explained how their arguments did not convince me. I could have listened and said nothing (and been rude) or I could have lied and said 'Yes, those are good reasons.' I don't like to be rude or lie, so I told the truth.

    In fact, with the Baptist one, events went like this:

    I had a leaflet through my door advertising the church and saying all were welcome. The very first communication was not even initiated by myself. I attended. Then, as I explain above, I was asked who I was, etc. The pastor approached me and offered me a book he'd written. I took it and read it. I emailed him with my thoughts on the book. He was not forced to read the email, just as I was not forced to read the book. HE invited ME to meet up for coffee and discuss things further. We spoke of creationism and evolution, and I did not lie about my position. I explained we were on opposite sides in this particular matter. He gave me creationist material to look at. I have responded to it, offering evidence to back up what my position is. He either cannot respond or has chosen not to respond to me at this point. That's as far as it goes now with him in my eyes. To pursue it even further would be forcing my opinion.

    I don't have a problem with it. I have a problem with your dishonesty. I would never go to an atheist antichristian meeting to preach and try to convert them. I would not go to a mosque or synagogue or a coven to do the same. That would be disrespectful.

    Hopefully I've covered this now. Once people try to convert me, I'm free to give my side. They've initiated the exchange, and can stop at any time. Otherwise I would be being rude or a liar.

    It is not wrong to demonstrate how one belief system has greater utilitarian value than another one. You yourself have spent a lot of time on this thread attempting to do just that with respect to your own views.

    No, that's fine. I even agree that in some cases religion can be comforting if someone wants to live forever, because reality doesn't offer that comfort. What interests me is whether it shows something to be true or not, and just because X is comforting, it doesn't mean X is true.

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