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  • serotonin_wraith

    Why would an atheist go to church? To seek out a god?

    No more than a historian seeks out Ra or Hathor by researching Egyptian religions.

    Those religions are dead now. The modern ones can still be researched, without searching for a god. Just for research sake. In my case it helps with my arguments against religion, and I think it's just an interesting subject to begin with.

    So, I went to a baptist one. I was even offered a bunch of DVDs and a booklet on creationism from the pastor, but when I looked at them, pointed out the mistakes and offered a whole lot of proof for evolution, no one could give me an answer. So much for that.

    I wrote up a more thorough 'review' of a Mormon service, which is here if anyone's interested:

    I think I'll do more of this kind of thing. Instead of debating the same old points over and over in forums with closed minded people, I've decided for now to take the current atheist v theist culture war into the churches themselves to talk with anyone who feels they want to discuss these things. No pressure, no shouting, no anger. Just calm discussions with every day people.

  • WTWizard

    There are good reasons for an atheist or Devil worshiper to visit a church (and not to blow it up, either). First, one can enjoy the artwork on its own merits without having to believe in what it is supposed to represent. Many people visit churches for that reason alone, especially historic ones. Even some modern churches can be quite spectacular places to visit, even if one does not believe in the teachings.

    Second, one can check out the beliefs for research purposes alone. And what does this church have to offer society? Some churches do take an active role in cutting crime, helping people in need, and stimulating people in positive ways. They sometimes have social clubs that use their facilities. And sometimes the churches themselves are as much social clubs as they are a belief system. Many Protestant denominations get involved in society in this way, and even some Catholic churches will set up social programs.

    Finally, one can visit a church that one does not believe in for the simple reason that it will be a slap in Jehovah's face. Once you visit another church, or attend one of their services, you have made a step away from the Watchtower Society. There is rarely an obligation (or hounding sessions) to join. The Catholic churches, and most Protestant denominations, are safe in this way (though I would research anything that you are not familiar with, due to the number of cults and scams that could well be started).

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Sero - get yourself enrolled on an Alpha course, you could cause havoc on one of those and (should) get a good, free feed into the bargain!

    They do say you can ask no holds barred questions...

  • serotonin_wraith

    Thanks sad emo, that's the kind of thing I need. As much as I don't agree with church teachings, people still have the right to go along and listen to the myths in peace. After watching some Ken Ham DVDs with them one time (ugh...) I could have stood up and said 'You do know this man is just lying through his teeth about there being no transitional forms... you do know that if billions of creatures had suddenly died in the flood and formed most of the fossils we see today, there shouldn't be a natural progression of life forms getting simpler (less evolved) the further down the rock you go, it should all be mixed up.' But I didn't do that.

    However, when asked by some about what I thought of what I'd seen and the arguments for creationism, well I went right into it on a more individual basis, showing how it wasn't convincing to someone who had done the research.

    If I can go straight into that kind of thing on the Alpha course, much better. I'll look into joining one.

  • real one
    real one

    boy i tell you i cant wait for the day to see some of your faces! if God allows me to

  • hmike

    So, I went to a baptist one. I was even offered a bunch of DVDs and a booklet on creationism from the pastor, but when I looked at them, pointed out the mistakes and offered a whole lot of proof for evolution, no one could give me an answer. So much for that.

    I'm surprised any church would focus on creationism as a point of introduction, and if they do, they should be able to back it up. I'd say you picked a poor representative. This doesn't support any point you would be trying to make in favor of atheism against Christianity, if that's part of your objective, any more than a particular atheist losing a debate to a particular Christian proves Christianity.

    You will meet Christians who think all atheists are simply ignorant, and I'm glad you will dispel that myth. Meanwhile, there are plenty of rational, educated Christians out there who know that is not true, and who would be willing and able to discuss the issues with you. I hope you meet some.

    BTW, "close-mindedness" isn't confined to Christians.

  • serotonin_wraith


    The creationism stuff was just going on at the time I visited, it wasn't for any newcomers. I had no idea what they were going to be talking about when I sat in the first time.

    The pastor made the point that if the Genesis account couldn't be believed, what else in the Bible could. I said I agreed. My own opinion is that evolution shows that there was death and suffering before man came on the scene, so it takes away the notion of a fallen world, original sin and therefore the whole point of Jesus' sacrifice. It's something I've gone into in more detail before so I'm not looking to start a big debate about it here. Not because I'm close minded, I just don't think I could add much more to my thoughts on the subject anyway, which are all here-

    I'll always listen to what 'the other side' has to say if anyone thinks it's completely wrong, but it looks pretty solid to me so that's what I'm going with for now.

  • hmike

    Will you keep us updated on your investigation?

  • serotonin_wraith

    Sure. The Alpha course doesn't start until September in most places here, so that'll have to wait for now. In the meantime I'll probably attend some other churches and write up reviews of them from my own atheist perspective.

  • BurnTheShips

    I've been to Baptist churches a few times. They are big on the Creationism.

    I will visit from time to time, but the Baptist denomination is not a home for me.


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