what is required.

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  • real one
    real one

    I havent attended the meetings in a long time. I guess I have a little laziness in me. Im the type that has to be on the move and entertained. I get bored easily so sad to but that probably one of the main reasons I dont attend. I must say that this was one of my reasons for not attending also, until i started really questioning myself as to how i thought this was the truth but could not fully commit myself to it...then it hit me ...this is not the truth thats why i missed so many meetings...i felt a little guilty but not guilty enough to get up and go the next time. I go to church now and i missed one weds fusion(thats what we call our get together on weds) and im still mad, 2 weds ago. i found out they had communion and i missed it! I already missed 17 yrs of communion and dont need to miss anymore!

  • real one
    real one

    If God let that happen to me, then I wouldn't make that mistake twice. If He wants me to do something in
    order to appease his ego, HE will have to personally deliver the instructions so that I don't get caught up in
    another misleading religion. Until then, I have done everything I can to be a good person and improve myself
    and get a grasp of knowledge of what this "God" might be like.

    What is required? Depends on who you ask.

    I had that same experience. I asked God to lead me and i was led to the jw...when i found out they were fake i was angry with a lot of people and then i started questioning God. I couldn't understand why he would lead me to false prophets. my family and friends tried to warn me several times but i thiought they didnt know anything about the Bible so i shunned them. My dad was born and raised in the church..his father, and two brothers were pastors, his other brother a deacon, his mom organist, 83 years old still plays for 3 different churches drives herself. but i thought they didnt know anything about the bible. yeah they told me the jw had their own bible. i told them it was just another translation. I didnt examine anything closely. i just let the brothers tell me what to do. i was lazy. if the bros said it, its ok i thought.i was brainwashed in the most subtle way.

    I believe God allowed me to go there for a reason. I am now able to tell the truth to these people even though they do not listen. they just need some time like i did.

    So onthewayout look at it like that.

  • Rocky_Girl

    I truly believe that all that is required is that you find a place in your heart for God.

    If you have to follow strict JW rules and work your butt off for their organization to feel close to God, do it.

    If you, like me, need only to worship with a community of likeminded people in a local church, do it.

    If you feel closest to God sitting on a rock in the middle of His creation, do it.

    If you want to call Him some other name, do it.

    God judges us in the end, and I'll bet He is not so petty as we humans are when it comes to the 'right' way to worship Him.

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