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    They wanted my hair cut about 1 1/2 to 2 inches on the top, none on the back (not a crew cut or ROTC cut, either). They wanted me to waste the time and money to get haircuts every 6 weeks to keep it short like that, too.

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    Burger Time

    Ha one time I was playing with some manic panic with my brother, we decided to test it by using a patch of my hair. So for like 4 weeks I had a bright pink circle on the back of my head. My brother had the top part of his hair bleached and the bottom jet black. He was still able to give talks!! Haha everyone in my hall laughed at my hair but there were some who gave me the business. I want to say I was able to give a talk with the red patch in my hair but I can't remember.

    The are I grew up in must be really liberal because spiky hair and all that jazz was acceptable. Obviously straight up Mohawks were out but they were never offended by new in vogue hair styles. I say modify something that was so 10 years ago..that way you stay ahead of the fashion curve while at the same time being out of date. JW's loving staying out of date.

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