I went into a Christian book store today!

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  • VM44

    Why can't a JW go into a Christian book store?

  • caliber

    As Wtwizard mentioned there is no written law, only unwritten law. There's the guilt because your told

    you can purchase most Bibles you need through the KH . The reasoning is like if your family owns a paint shop

    why would you buy paint from another store? Also as Wtwizard mentioned there is concern that you may be

    developing independent thinking especially because of exposure to apostate material at the Christian book store.

    And the idea that your purchase money is going to support Babylon the great. Also the concept that we are so well

    informed and advanced in bible study that we should be looking down on any other viewpoints. They lack any "new light".


  • snowbird

    WTWizard, as usual, is correct in stating that it's verboten. Nothing in writing, of course.

    Terry, you wouldn't be dissing Grace Livingston Hill, would you?


  • Terry


    I totally see where you are coming from now, you are quite a thinking and intellectual person which I have seen in your posts. Being surrounded by

    resources you are able to have a great insight as to what people think and feel in their writing. And being able to review everything

    that comes in to the store is quite an advantage .


    You are too kind. I'd call myself incurably curious.

    Fortunately for me, working in a used book store allows me the perk of taking any book home (without buying it) for 30 days, like a lending library.

    Were this not so, I'd never be able to afford the vast array of books (many quite costly) which arrive hourly.

    We buy directly from the public. This means we can suddenly hold in our hand any book of any kind from any era!

    I regularly read Theology books, historical books and such I'd never see in regular bookstores. Many are scholarly and specialist in nature.

    It is quite advantageous.

    I never dreamed some of the things I've learned this way. It certainly broadens one's view.

    Since I speak with hundreds of buyers/shoppers a week who read these religious books, I am sometimes able to ask seemingly innocent questions to ascertain the mindset and motive of the seekers.

    It is an eye-opener, let me tell you!

    I have to avoid any direct participation in an actual conversation about religion, naturally, since it has proved to be quite dangerous in the past. Yes, I've learned my lesson in this regard.

    I'm able to do what I've never previously been able to do: keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself.

    Very therapeutic!

  • Mulan

    when I was a JW I used to go to those stores all the time............so did the other pioneers. Sometimes we would go while out in service. They had the best greeting cards, very appropriate for baptisms, and lots of Bible translations and other reference works. One of them in our area, would print your name on your Bible for you for a small fee. It was no big deal.

  • Hope4Others


    One of them in our area, would print your name on your Bible for you for a small fee

    Just maybe the same place I sent a bible & reasoning from the script book to have them combined into one, A nice soft leather with my name

    and just Bible engraved on the front sometime in the 80's. It may have been the called "Oregon book binding Company" though there were two

    companies many of us used, the other being in Washington. I think a C/O 's wife had given me the address, it never dawned on me it could of been a religious store.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    The majority of shoppers want feel good books like THE POWER OF THE PRAYING WIFE, THE POWER OF THE PRAYING HUSBAND, THE POWER OF THE PRAYING (you name it.) or 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN by Piper.

    Fluff, puff and utter tripe.

    Exactly the same on this side of the pond too Terry! What I call spoon-fed Christians who wouldn't have a clue where to begin should their faith be challenged, they just cling blindly to what they're told from the front on Sunday mornings!

    We sold virtually none of the 'theological' category - an irate customer once returned a historical book because the author had dared to mention Gilgamesh! she announced that he 'must be an atheist' lol!

    I did used to have a Witness come into the shop to place mags with me - but I never saw her again after she called one day and found pubsinger behind the counter instead of me - can't think what the problem was lol

  • Hope4Others


    I never dreamed some of the things I've learned this way. It certainly broadens one's view

    Sounds quite interesting to say the least, Caliber and I often go to Chapters/indigo we can start early afternoon and before you no it is 6 pm, there is

    so much to look at. Although we have our different area's of interest and he reads a lot more than I do, I have been trying to broaden the variety. We do buy

    the odd books and eventually I donate them to a local book store the money goes to a good cause. Since we have faded it has been difficult making new

    friends as it takes time to develop these friendships, its easy to converse and meet people its just what happens next. The older we get the harder it may become.

    This said we spend lots of time together doing little things like this and it is rather enjoyable.



  • BluesBrother

    When I worked in town I used to go in and browse, and felt guilty in case I was seen ( I would not worry now) But my dub wife has no qualms, even buying bags and carry cases for the meetings - with the sign of the fish on it...None of the dubs seem to have noticed.

  • Hope4Others
    with the sign of the fish on it...None of the dubs seem to have noticed.

    Unless you have it on a set of drop earrings and a neck chain, women always notice jewelry.


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