So... What WOULD Jesus Do?

by BabaYaga 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Shawn10538

    Jesus would send fire from heaven, (actually according to you fundies that is exactly what he is planning to do),

    curse fruit trees because they are out of season,

    change water into wine while people are suffering all over the world and could really use some practical miracles,

    showing off by walking on water like he's in some Gidget movie and the best surfer dude,

    play a magic trick by pulling bread and fish and rabbits and pidgeons from a hat or basket,

    forsake caring for his family by walking around judging people and criticizing them for having different beliefs

    telling people to hate themselves and other people including family members and follow him

    telling people to sell everything they own and follow him (the arrogant bastard)

    revealing that he came not to bring peace but the sword (so much for Xtianity being a peaceful religion)

    suppress his own homosexuality while judging his sexual partners

    be the leader of a cult

    recommend that slaves just accept their lot and obey their masters

    be given to fits of rage

    be a smart ass when talking to the president who may simply ask"what is truth?" which is one of the most important questions that anyone could ask

    be condescending to everyone

    torture people for all eternity

    play the pitiful victim

    condemn people for their thoughts (thinking about adultery)

    claim to be god or god's son

    anyone else want to be honest about that son of a bitch?

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