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  • LouBelle
    Even if the end doesn't come in my lifetime, it's still a great way to live. Besides, where else are we going to go?"

    nvrgnbk: I used to say the exact same thing!!!! Where else am I to go? Simply because you do want to feel connected to something, you don't want to be lonely and all that. Then I realised that I didn't need to go anywhere, that * I am * the most important thing in my life. I don't belong / socialised with any church - fox have dens, birds have nests but I have no place to lay my head and I'm good with that.

  • R.Crusoe

    Governments are aware of the WT thinktank and maybe are curious as to how they repeatedly manage to control and recruit populations on a global scale in spite of repeated mistakes on a zero telerance doctrine toward any who question them!

  • real one
    real one

    God does exist and he will solve our problems or at least help us cope with them. one day the jw will wake up...we did

  • whatistruth
  • still_in74

    hopefully that mass exodus is sooner than later

  • wobble

    I don't foresee a mass exodus,mores the pity,but the ones leaving at present are not insignificant in number.

    Also, as has been pointed out,it is often the quality ones who go,formely energetic stalwarts,many were very loving,and many were the ones who knew their Bible and could make it interesting to the audience.

    I think the real danger JW's face is boring people to the point that they fade away.If our old Congo was anything like typical,about 30% were missing for any one meeting,and many were late,often coming only for the second half.

    It dosn't bode well,nor should it.



  • still_in74

    our meeting attendance has been addressed by our CO . He has only visited us once but we have had 2 letters read regarding our meeting attendance as a result of that first visit. The other night our KH was probably only 50%

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I don't think there is going to be any mass exodus. Most people that leave do so on an individual basis. The people that are in are very tied to each other socially and through family ties. The doubts that they do have are pushed down in their minds. The routine and belonging to "the group" are a tremendous part of their lives and provide their support group.

  • whatistruth

    There are many intelligent people within that doubt and even do not believe. The biggest obstacle isn't weather one believes this, it is weather their loved ones can be convinced to go with them. And unfortunatley most are tied into this because of love of family and fear of "everlasting death".

  • still_in74

    most are tied into this because of love of family and fear of "everlasting death"

    love of family - Still_in raises hand...

    as for the latter - everlasting torture in hell is terrifying, everlasting death just plain sucks. Either way, your toast.... (good thing I dont believe in hell!)

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