True Weird JW Stories!

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  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Ha! That reminds me of being a kid. It was cool to take the Halloween and Christmas candy after Christmas and Halloween.

  • R.Crusoe

    It is practically impossible for Bob to compete with the landfill they are all scooping into the childrens heads as facts!

    And the only way he can win them to be in his dimension is by becoming a JW - so that he is in their dimension so I understand him being a t meetings - that's how programmed it all is - like a blob absorbing people or leaving them isolated!

    And even if years down the line his daughters do depart JW life, all the bonds and memories these years would have contained due to Bobs goodwill and willingness to be a father providing a life for them have been ripped away! So all that's left is a transparency of life that should have been a reality! And him getting hois own new partner is put on a permanent hold whilst he is wrestling all these circles in spirals of emotional jiggery pokery!

    New relationships should be an inspiratrion but with the weight of his childrens futures grappling with his spirit and mind, it's hardly pssible for him to clearly romance another or even focus on his solitary lifestyle in a positive frame of mind.

    These are just a few of the things at play!

  • Quirky1

    Boy, this would really p*** me off......

    But I did like this....sounds like something I would do......

    Last weekend his kids came over to his home. They had a easter egg hunt...they didn't really want to do it but did anyway. They took all the eggs, candy and baskets home with them. The next morning all the eggs, baskets (no candy) were sitting on his front door step.

    I do not know the ages of everyone here but the kids will probably wake up in their teens. Mine did.


  • Free

    Tom needs a smack , The Easter thing is typical JW style, Stand fast to your beliefs unless there is someway to benefit. In Bob's kids case ,it just happens to be candy.

    Bob's story is nothing new. Hope he learns how to cope.

  • MissingLink

    Waiting for part 2 newboy.......

  • AudeSapere
    It was cool to take the Halloween and Christmas candy after Christmas and Halloween.

    I remember thinking this was cool, too. Now it's just really sad and pathetic. We got some candy that we could get anytime but missed out on all the fun that was the spirit of the day.


  • MissingLink

    You left us hangin' newboy.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    This one time in 1980 an Elder told me Armagedon was just afew years away...and it didn't happen! Can you believe that, weird!!!

  • saywhat29


    I can't imagine letting some new dude come up in there after all of that and let that ish go down. Does he have joint custody? What he neds to do is expose those kids to some Ex-JWs. He needs to become more active in their upbringing... I mean, he probably works in all but thats the only thing I could think of. That is so effed up! Its one thing to have your family broken to pieces (it happens) but for some other person to come up in there and teach your children that you wil die unless they love your God?

    Yeah. That might be worth catching a case. It's not worth going to jaila nd it would make it worse, but I can't help but imagine what that guy thinks about when he has a drink in his system and thinks about all that went down. Tom would get an asswhoopin.

    Or at least his tires slashed. Just sayin'

  • HSS1971

    This story is heart breaking. IF I were Bob, Tom's demise would be extra messy. I'm sorry if someone disagrees with me, but this organization specializes in destroying families.

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