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    Just sent out this email to our team. Feel free to participate:

    If you are receiving this email, you may have volunteered to help Watchtower Comments share our videos across the web. This tactic is designed to keep existing and future videos from being surpressed by copyright claims from the Watchtower Society.

    You can find Watchtower Comments videos ready for download here:

    These are revised videos that removed "Knocking" content from the introduction. Please do not upload the older versions with Knocking footage. The videos are rendered in 640X480 resolution and will appear well on DVD/TV if you decide to burn hardcopies.

    You may already have YouTube accounts. Please consider other video-share sites as well including:

    Google Video:
    Yahoo Video:

    As videos are added, please continue to upload them to your accounts.


    RULE NUMBER 1! Always use "Watchtower Comments" in the title!! This will enable viewers to find us on any search engine. We may not always have a central place to reference the videos, it is essential to use "Watchtower Comments" in the title.

    I encourage you to enable comments and embedding if applicable.

    If you recieve a takedown notice, let the account die or remove the video. This is viral. Our video accounts are easily replaced. The videos comply with fair use guidelines and are not illegal. However the Watchtower will stongarm information enemies with threats of expensive lawsuits. The goal is to multiply the target beyond their resources.

    Please report back with your progress and forward this email to anyone who will join our project.

    Thank you so much for you help. Go to it!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I sent an email to my lawyer friend, so it should be interesting to see what he has to say about it. He is extremely cool and as a public defender has a very David vs. Goliath mentality. I almost think he would want to press the issue himself! If so it should be fun. I'll definitely let everyone know if he gets back in touch with me. He is marrying my friend in Hawaii so it may take awhile.

  • Layla33

    Glad to hear the good news, I am away with work, but I was glad to read things are going well. Keep us updated.

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