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    The guy is playing it fairly smart in my opinion. If I were an indie filmmaker and I knew I had a captive audience of six million (give or take a few apostates) and knew from experince that the JW's would market the thing for me I might go for it. I remember when this thing came out I got dozens of e-mails from dub friends telling me to buy this crap. There were sisters here locally that set up "screening parties" and such. He did a movie that he knew would have a strong (and free) marketing arm. I am sure he made some bank as well.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Daniel that is why I said "I" don't find it worse then 90% worse then other religions. I do agree with Leolaia about the Fair Use thing though.

  • VoidEater


    Why would he be so obviously supportive of the JWs?

    Stockholm Syndrome?

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Void he never was baptized and never bought in to the org. I can see where he is coming from as I have almost the same sentiment. I don't harbor any grudges towards the WTS really. I do think they are goofy about certain things, but over all I think they are a religion and not as bad as say Southern Baptist...yet in the south Southern Baptist aren't looked at as strange. Therefore I think his documentary does do some positive stuff even if it does leave out criticisms. I can see where he is coming from. If you didn't invest you didn't really loose anything, so why would be so negative?

    Or was he baptized?

  • daniel-p

    I'm not saying that the Knocking documentary SHOULD be "negative," just asking why someone would obviously gloss over serious matters within the religion and avoid discussing matters which could be critical of the religion. In my opinion, he is doing so because he doesn't want to hamper the sales of his documentary to JWs, who are probably his largest market at this point.

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    Burger Time

    Well in the media packet he points out some criticisms. I think the main thrust of his video though was to inform the public about their beliefs. The majority of criticisms are with theological things and not black and white issues such as human rights. I can understand why he wouldn't though I don't agree with it.

  • Tuesday

    Let's see if this positive light vs. negative light thing holds water. This is partly true and partly not, but useful for the situation at hand; I just sent a contact e-mail to the producers of "Knocking" it states the following:

    To Whom it may concern,

    This is a request for use of footage from your film for a unique purpose. I am a pro wrestler in the New England area, I have been a wrestler for the past 7 years (P.K.A. Tim Kilgore). If you ask around the New England area at the very least someone will have heard of me, while incomplete at this time some samples of my work can be found on also a stretcher match of mine is pretty widely distributed on youtube. One of the promotions that I work for is currently in process of producing entrance videos which will show on a projector behind me as I walk to the ring, in this process we're trying to establish my character. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness much like the director of this film, since with wrestling our characters are basically extensions of ourselves this is part of my character and I mention it frequently in my promos. Due to this the promoter added a small clip from your film in my entrance video, the clip is very small about 3 seconds in length, he sent the video to me the other day and I noticed this clip. Normally this wouldn't be an issue because a clip this small from what we're told by many producers of internet television and the station we are shown on is considered covered under the "fair use" law. However I recently saw that a youtube contributor WTComments had to pull down his videos for having a clip from your film of a similar length. Since obviously I don't want any legal action to come upon myself or the promoter that I am working for I figured I'd shoot you a quick e-mail. My entrance video is still being produced and has not been completed or shown to anyone but myself yet. My character is not pro-Jehovah's Witness, part of the character ties into the Silent Lambs movement and also suffers from a disfellowshipped Sister (blood relative, not congregational) that comitted suicide from the disfellowshipping due to her being a homosexual (which is based on a real life expirience). The reason I mention this is because while the small clip from WTComments was asked to be removed, there are several pro-Jehovah's Witness videos which use much larger portions of your video ( , ) complete with the dialogue from your documentary in them, but they remain on youtube without issue. The video my promoter has created is very compelling, really interesting looking, and benefits from the small clip of your film on there, I would like to use the video he has created. If there is a difference between using the footage in a positive light for Jehovah's Witnesses vs. using the footage in a negative light for Jehovah's Witnesses please let me know as I can easily cut certain things from my promos to not dwell on the negative aspects of my Jehovah's Witness expirience. At least from the situation it seems that the footage is available for videos portraying Jehovah's Witnesses in a positive light, but not available for those which paint them in a negative light. I have a rather large show this weekend with several TNA wrestlers on the program, this is part of my complete package of my wresting character, this will mean exposure to several thousands live and possibly hundreds of thousands on video. Please respond if we may use this footage in my entrance video, if we can't would it make a difference if my character were portraying witnesses in a positive light? If your response is that no one is allowed to use your footage I will expect to not see any footage from "Knocking" online whether it is positive or negative towards Jehovah's Witnesses. Since the promotion I work for does have a contract with an internet based distribution company, if I do see this double standard I will have to report this to them, since they have a far larger stake in the "fair use" policy than I do.

    Thank You,

    Tim Murray (P.K.A. Tim Kilgore)

    I'll post any response that I get. Let's see if they respond or not.

  • carla

    Thanks V! (and friends)

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Good idea Tuesday.

  • pseattle2

    I buy the dude. He does make a good point about indie filmmaking, and at least was generous enough to provide links and permission to use his quotes. At least he was fair about it with his explanations and didn't do the typical JW F-you response.

    I'll say it again: I really want somebody with film ties and a lot of capital to buy the film rights to "Crisis Of Conscience" and Joy Castro's "The Truth Book."

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