is anyone on facebook?

by Cordelia 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Velvetann

    PM me and I will give you my facebook address

    I am finding it now.


  • mouthy

    My Grand-daughter put me on it with all the pictures of my whole family , Even me as an 8 month old babyMy wedding pictures etc.

    But I cant work it. To old & soppy!!!

  • LouBelle

    I'm on - same pic as here under louise an my surname starts with an m or you can pm me.

  • crashfire451

    I'm on facebook, but haven't done much with it. My myspace is more fleshed out, but only set it up for the guys I served with and maybe someone I knew back in the borg days. I rarely check it, but will if I start getting activity other than unbelievably smokin' women inexplicably wanting to be my friends.

    Anyone who wants the info can PM me if desired, I'm not sure if it's on my profile.

  • Cordelia

    ok noone actually gave there proper address haha!!!!!

    borg days eh!!!!!

    ip yeah that didnt work never mind ill ask gary, (db) im ..... actually ill tell you if you pm me (ha im as BAD AS U LOT!) X

  • Mincan

    Cordelia, join the Facebook Group "Members of JWD" theres about 80 people from here on that.

  • Mastodon

    PM me for mine... on myspace:

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