Ok, so my mom came over today... Part 2

by cognac 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • hotspur

    Good for you..... I do follow what happens next in your crusade. Some parts mimic my escape to reality.

    Is there no such thing as Doctor/Patient confidentiality over in the US? I thought you guys invented it!

    My mother used my depression as the excuse to speak to her DF'd son - expressing the fact I was sick so "I'm only aiding a sick relative".... that sucks actually.

  • jgnat

    OMG! A list of all your medications and the name of your doctor? I echo hortensia's comments,

    I think it's so insulting that JWs can ask you questions, quite personal questions, and expect you to answer them, knowing full well they will use the information against you. Stop answering their questions.

    Your mom will be googling all those medications and listing all the evil side-effects. You know that, right?

    Good thing you are keeping a diary, so when the white van takes you away, you can describe the supposedly "delusional" concerns to the nice doctor.

  • oompa

    Wow Cognac....we are in the same club as far as meds and what others think. If the elders and everyone did not think I was a bit touched, I would have been DF'd a long time ago...........don't sweat it, if a crazy person makes a good point, some people still notice............oompa

  • jamiebowers

    I would say run with the accusations of craziness. It's better than what the jws do to abused women and children when they want to get out. Every jw I know who got out to escape physical and/or sexual abuse was accused of adultery or some other immorality.

  • bimfy

    hey what you getting for christmas? Ruddy pagans.

    Jehovah i know 144,000.00, mmm all earth to me and my brethren

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