Amazing abuse of privacy...

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  • Rosalee


    You asked what happens to your personal file at the K.Hall.

    It stays there.

    If there is ever any further question about you in any form, they have all information at hand.

    Even if one K.Hall merges with another, all the files merge too.

    Doesn't matter if you fade, get df'd or da.

  • Velvetann

    I had 4 little ones 6 and under and a unbelieving husband. No one in the congregation would help me at the meetings with the kids. So I brought toys and colouring books.

    I was told that I shouldn't do that. My Mother also a JW was very much of the mind set that Toys were OUT of the question at meetings. I know I was considered spiritually weak for the sin of having 4 children with an unbeliever never mind using toys to keep them quiet. The guilt got to me, and I couldn't cope after a while and I just quit going because of this mind set.

    Lucky for me I have been out for 25 years and now I know that they were wrong not me.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    How do you expect these children to be sufficiently brainwashed taught by Jehovah? Normal Trivial childhood activities, such as playing with toys, will only divert their minds from the bullshit deep spirtitual truths they hear at the meetings.

  • buffalosrfree

    Hebrews 5: 12-14 speaks of milk and thats what children need, not the Nazi like atmosphere surrounding them and the Public meeting, Wt study, theo school and bs nonsense. They are expected to act like adults not children. Maybe the GB should get off of their asses and come up with progrmas for children so they can hear something at least on their level. Its like sending a 3rd grader to High School and expecting them to act like like they were young adults. Just Stupid.

  • R.Crusoe

    We need families with loads of kids to do a return visit and attend a meeting and start up with the ipods and various instruments of distraction in WT studies!

    A child revolution to oppose the sit still and cant understand puppetry of WT mumbo jumbo!

    The childrens childhood is being fettered away and replaced with drone like characteristics!

  • Amparo

    Thanks Rosalee, Anyway, I would take wet paper towels, roll them up in balls and throw them in my grandma's hair when she nodded off to sleep during the meeting, or you would see spit balls under the seat of the person sitting in front lol.... I hated making a Mark every time i heard Jehovah or Jesus spoken, There were Never Toys Allowed at the Hall i grew up Attending...We had to be creative, Sometime's i would sneak in a Paper Doll lol

  • crapola

    First of all, this elder would not have been allowed in my bookbag and if he tried anyway, he would have been singing VERY HIGH when the meeting started. No won der so many kids grow up wanting to leave this mess.

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