Dealing with an elder

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  • Honesty
    Ahh, the "where will we go?" argument. The last haven of an idiot. How about getting the hell out and worrying about where you'll "go" later? daniel-p

    The poor JW's just don't get it.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Garybuss-this was a very powerfull statement.

    My observations as well as my personal experiences have convinced me that all the Witness adults I know are Witnesses in spite of the teachings rather than because of the teachings. Witnessism is a culture of comfort. It's not intellectual, it's not rational, it's not pragmatic, and it's not reasonable. That's why facts, reason, and logic don't work on Witnesses.
  • garybuss

    The reason it's so hard to measure my successes with the Witnesses is because I don't have any. Ros from channel c fame once said that she didn't believe it's possible to get anybody to quit their religion by showing them that they're wrong. That's been my experience as well.

    I've found the best place to hide something from a Witness is in a Watchtower magazine. The local Witness bishop told me he had never read Charles Russell's writings, he didn't know who Paul Johnson was, and he'd never read Rutherford's work. I thought he was the local Witness expert. He couldn't even list the 7 trumpet blasts. He couldn't explain the anti-types, he'd never read the whole Aid book, and he'd never read the "Reasoning" book from cover to cover.

    This is the guy who sits and judges other Witnesses. He asked me when I had time to do all my reading. I just laughed.

  • lancelink

    "I would much rather for my family to pursue this way of life over any other"

    right there, the discussion basically ran into a brick wall, that seems to be
    the generic answer for questions that seem to be too hard to answer, or answers cannot be found.

  • DaCheech
    Gene Smalley screwing a hooker on a blackjack table in Vegas with a cross tattooed on his ass and the Witness wouldn't quit the Society

    I have seen so many of this guys talks, I cannot imagine him doing this stuff!

    but some day I'll remember the tidbits of one his talks where he cockily talked about the whore/catholic church (by the way Mario Beltrami used a very explicit "whore" word in one of his talks aimed at the harlot)

    just a FYI, do not want to throw the subject off!

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