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  • oldflame
    Romans 3: 23 was frequently quoted "all men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

    Yeah, they read this scripture and somehow it just goes in one ear and out the other. If they truly believe this scripture then how could they possibly say that they will be the only survivors in the new world ?

  • Rosalee

    I'd still like to know how you come up with the number 23K

    A few of you have pointed fingers at Barbara Anderson and Bill Bowen of "Silent Lambs".

    In the post refered to by Aude, Barbara points the finger at Bill Bowen for the numbers.

    I've gone to the "Silent Lambs" site and have found nothing in reference to this number.

    I've tried checking out your references .. 23K .. and can find nothing substantive.

    The 'search' option here doesn't seem to operate .. at least not for me.

    Now there is lots of talk here about these numbers being in the WTBTS database.

    Can anyone back up this statement? Or is it a wild guess?

  • jgnat

    Rosalee, my personal opinion is that the 23K is a wild guess. I am firmly convinced that pedophelia is an ongoing concern in the society. I think Barbara Andersen's CD is much more damning than Bill Bowen's rhetoric.

    Okay Mr/Mrs. Georgiahuff I'm glad you feel that way and like I said your opinions don't matter to me !!! First of all you are a very closed minded person and you probably never even been to the Kingdom Hall yourself or read the Bible. If you did read the Bible you would know the Bible is nothing to argue about !!! We are all humans and we all fall short of the glory of God !! There. So really I don't know who you think you are to judge people, religions or anything for that matter because you are not God. Like I told you previously you cannot judge the whole congregation because of a few people misconduct and sins, I bet you also chose to ignore that comment !! JW's have never been the type to run and hide everyday you can find JW's going door-to-door handing out pamphlets and publications about Jehovah and as always our doors are always open to our visitors and friends.

    My comments:


    - Help, I’m going blind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclamation_mark

    all yellow highlighting – judging. A frequent Witness pastime. Well, who is to blame him? The Watchtower literature frequently imposes motives on anyone who disagrees.

    your opinions don't matter to me – right. That’s why you bothered to reply at all.

    JW's have never been the type to run and hide – Now, that’s just hilarious. I can make a Witness run for the hills in three minutes or less. They are so predictable, it’s no longer entertaining.

    open to our visitors and friends. – Note the qualifier, "and friends". Opposers and their ilk can just stay at home.

  • dawg

    Good post WT Wizard!

    Thanks, VelvetAnne and Onthewayout

    Wonderlustguy, I know I have a problem with this...putting people on the defensive. But I have no desire to be a leader.

    JamieBowers... I didn't know that... I misquoting then, its worse than I thought

    Kysersoze-yea, he calls me closed minded... LOL!

    Heyfea, I was shocked by that letter too.

    Hopeforothers, I hope this causes him to do some research also

    PrimativeGenuis-I know I have little hope of affecting him, I'm not a good writer either and think wonderlustguy might be right in his accessment

    Audesapre, thanks for helping on those links

    Thanks "newboy"

    Thanks Hamsterbait, couldn't have said it better

    Rosalee, I should have not used that number, I think I may have used data I thought to be set in stone and it turns out it is a guess... damn, I wish I hadn't done that! As far as your assertions that I made this up, the conversation, well, a person believes what they may.

    Good replies Jgnat.

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