Did you know I am a SATANIST?

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  • bigdreaux
    So...LeVeyan or Theistic Satanist bigd?

    LeVeyan. theists satanists are no better than christians. i do not even believe in "the devil" i am not a member of the "church of satan" but, i do agree with most of their ideas.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Well, now I have some questions about your experience with the wife's Uncle who believes your things are "Demonized."

    A little background on him....My wife's uncle is a real idiot. He is a wife slapping and humiliating, alcoholic, hypocritical turd. He has lived his life raised a jw but outside the borg in the sense that he was inactive most of his life. All his kids are pioneers and the son is a ms being groomed for overlordship. All because of the faith of his WIFE, in spite of his piss poor example. He has a room temperature IQ, fights with everyone he can get his hands on, is in his mid-fifties and was fired from his job last year for beating the crap out of another employee who smudged his new shoes on purpose. He is obsessed with people respecting him and his wife must always submit to his headSHIT. A few months ago he started to brag about how spiritual his family is and he is to be respected in the cong by being made an overlord. Apparantly he was oblivious to the fact that the body of overlords (BOO) has been aware that the public views him as a drunken brawler. So he was denied. He got all mad and left the cong...LOL

    Well his daughters are pioneers there and refused to leave. He decides to go to cong number 2 which incidentally meets in the same hall. He wines and dines the BOO and spends a small fortune on shrimp. (He has this weird impression that Shrimp tells folks that he is high class.) So after about six individual meals for each member of the new cong's BOO and a HUGE party, he tells them to make him an overlord. They told him his service is down so no. LOL Now the jackass is out in service all day and night and has 11 studies that he dominates like little redheaded stepkids. He comes home and my wife was visiting his poor abused wife and asked him how the day in service went. He gulped down a 40 of malt liquor and told her that all the husbands were out working and the wives were being serviced. Isn't he totally qualified to be a teacher in a cong?

    So, this whole mess about our stuff being demonized stemmed from my mil lying to him about what was POSSIBLY in our possession, fueled by his wife and daughters' fears and his thirst for power.

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