Well, we went out after the memorial....

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  • atpeace

    wow - i'm not speechless, but it hits close to home.

    similer things happened to me. my husband was the first to come to grips with wanting to leave and once he did, never looked back. it was much harder for me - i knew how my heart felt, but had doubts if wbts was right or wrong. for awhile i just didn't want to deal with it, especially with our familiy and "friends".

    when my husband stopped going for good - and the first district convention he missed - my so-called friends starting treating me like a leper. it was hurtful and disaapointing. but it was the first step in becoming angry and seeing how the organization was. maybe when your wife's friend starts treating her different, as well as others at the hall - it will be a first step to want to get out as well.

    it took me many years to come to know my own beliefs and feelings. and to say that i no longer want to be part of it - and it has little to do with the fact that imperfect people can sometimes be mean (which is what my family wants to think).

    anyways - hang in there. baby steps. just keep the communication up with your wife - she will get to where she needs to be in her own time and space. its not easy to grasp that everything you were taught and new, are based on untruth and very fickle people.

  • megawatt


    My wife already experienced that to a degree, and I warned her it won't get any better, and in fact it'll get worse...

    I mean, how is that WTS doesn't preach in text or in any literature, but yet the "believing mate" gets the shit end of the stick treament in the hall as if she/he is infected with the apostate sickness? Something subliminal?

    Right now the wife feels hurt. She's hurt by the fact I had to tell her what her friend said about me to her husband and putting the "in house" ban on any association with me. She realizes that I'm being labled as a wicked person, without any consideration and all based on one comment, which is based on documented history. She knows that her friend is acting on emotion, not considering her feelings and what this will ultimatley do to their friendship.

    Thanks for the comments guys....

  • Hortensia

    well, if your wife knows about this forum, tell her we are all wishing her well and would love to hear from her. The other wife is a vicious sounding person. Reminds me of someone I knew years ago who introduced her unbelieving husband as her "first husband" right in front of him. She looked forward to having a new husband in the "new order." Joke was on her, her husband started attending meetings and became a believer. Hahahaha! She's stuck with him!

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