Are Christians wired different?

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  • startingover

    Christians often talk about their relationship with God, about how they prayed for guidance and he gave it.

    Now lots of us out here have done the same thing with no result. Why is that?

    It seems to me that there is something in the brain that is wired a certain way that allows for this. As a JW, I could never really comprehend what others were supposedly feeling. I was told on many occasions that I didn't feel it because I hadn't developed a personal relationship with Jehovah. I could never really put my finger on exactly what that meant.

    I am now of the opinion that it is no different than what the Christians are saying. But since the whole experience is a very subjective thing, it's very hard for someone like me who needs proof to accept.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I believe it's about interpretation. Someone prays, and something happens to them shortly after that they perceive as god answering their prayers, when in reality it may be something completely unrelated. Those with strong faith want to believe it has some greater meaning.

  • Finally-Free

    When I was a JW I liked a sisterâ„¢ and wanted to marry her. I prayed to Jehovah about it many times, but I kept striking out. Eventually she caved in and agreed to marry me. Blessings from Jehovah!!!

    Eventually I realized that my marriage was not a blessing from Jehovah but a curse from Satan. The bastard had been eavesdropping on my prayers!

    On the other hand, it could have just been a combination of poor judgement on my part with a little bad f*cking luck tossed into the mix.


  • real one
    real one

    The fundamental reason christians often talk about their relationship with God is through Jesus Christ. You must first establish a relationship with Jesus in order to get a relationship with Jehovah. Many do not understand this first basic step. if you read your Bible you will find out this information. The Holt Spirit helps us to cultivate this relationship.

  • startingover

    Real one,

    There are many of us here that have tried that very thing and nothing has happened. I don't think you can comprehend that we actually tried.

  • real one
    real one

    you say you tried, what have you tried? starting over

  • Satanus

    Like finallyfree mentioned, as jws, we never knew if god was answering, or if satan was laying a trap. Christians generally have something happen and then enterpret it as a response from god to one of their prayers. Could be brain wiring; they have a mental filter that catches an event that could be construed as an answer of some kind. When i was a jw, they told me that god answers all prayers w answers yes, no, or wait. That seems to cover every eventuality.

    The only thing that i experience is something similar to the jungian collective unconscious. I rename it the communal subconscious. It's merely a subconscious connection that we all have that we can influence to a degree. It's hard to prove, though.


  • real one
    real one

    our faith is our influence

  • startingover

    real one,

    How about praying, or better yet supplication.

  • jaguarbass

    When you have big deciscion to make you pray to God, Jesus, Buddah, whoever and you have the comfort that your doing all you can and you got the big kahunna in your corner also. It's sort of an insurance policy.

    In matters of faith their is no proof. .

    I dont know if this realization has anything to do with wiring or just conciousness and being awake in your life.

    I had faith untill I was about 50. The new millenium has really been the information age for me. Rapid access to information on any topic and the ability to communicate with like minded people.

    Back in the 80's and 90's when I would pray for something and not get it, I was amiss and dumfounded, because the bible said you shall receive what ever you ask for. So I would go back and pray harder and more. A lot of things I got out of tenacity. But still other things I wouldnt get or they wouldnt work out the way I prayed. So those occurences would have to be counted as strikes.

    Nowadays, you can get a good explanation of prayer and faith from George Carlin and it seems pretty true. When you pray for things the odds are pretty much 50/50 that your prayer will be answered favorably.

    If it boils down to a yes or no, then all prayers are answered ,God or no God.

    With prayer there are only 3 possibilities that I know of, Yes, no and latter.

    So to answer your question ,Christians are content that God is giving them a yes or no or latter answer.

    They are at peace because they think they are doing good, they think they are in good standing with the maker of the universe and the giver of life.

    With that comes a degree of calm, peace and tranquility.

    The above three sentances are the it, you want to put your finger on.

    I'm not saying here whether those sentences are true or false but they are the "it" your looking for.

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