Birthday Parties etc (some questions)

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    Meeting Junkie No More


    I used to have those same questions you are having. But I've decided to throw all those labels away, and just celebrate the joys of life. Having seen another year go by, I'm happy to celebrate the actual day of the year that I entered life on this planet and I couldn't give a rat's patootie as to what some old curmedgeon in Brooklyn seems to think about this, that or any other celebration. Similarly, I see the benefits and joys of observing Mother's Day and Father's Day - making a little 'extra' effort on those days to bring joy and appreciation to such valued and esteemed members of our families. And I now remember those days and the special things we do on them, because life is made up of SPECIAL MOMENTS that bring families together. Like others have said, it seems the WTS wants to eliminate family connections entirely, except for the 'ministry' work.

    I couldn't believe the audacity of the speaker at the Memorial calling it a 'celebration' of Christ's death. It is a memorial, not a celebration. To celebrate means to remember with JOY, and birthdays or milestones in life are occasions for celebration. CELEBRATE AWAY - it is entirely liberating!

    'Pagan' is just another label. The WTS has given that word such onerous connotations. More mind control, is all.

    Glad you found JWD!

  • oompa

    NO the HE11 it does NOt!!! Where did you get that crap!!! Not from the bible. There is zero mention of any problem with it, and damm, the Jew who had a frikkin law for EVERYTHING did not have one forbidding Birthdays. Jews still do it, and the big ones are the Bar and Bat Mitzpas for going into adulthood.

    Juswondering....could you or ANYONE please show me ANY scripture that has ANYTHING negative to say about b'days................oompa

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