Sex and Relationships 20 Years From Now!

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  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    So sorry for the duplicates. Don't know what happened there.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I think 20 yrs from now we will have more open relationships or group live in situations. Think big love without the mormonism.

  • Layla33

    I have tried to respond to this topic, but once I type up something then there's a server issue...

    20 years from now I think in most first world and western countries, the ideas of relationships and marriages will have done a type of full circle, but also evolved. I think people are tired of the government sanctioned and involvement in "marriage" and partnerships and it seems like a never ending battle that takes away from the overall idea.

    I don't think the idea of lifetime partnership will ever stop, whether symbolically or just mating for life. However, I think the roles of men and women will change and the ideas and motivations for partnership will continue to evolve and change. I think we will see less marriage, I think we will see more procreation out of want, older men and women having children and waiting.

    I think there will be more of a technological aspect to partnership and people actually doing things that are kind of hard to wrap our head around these days. Such as being "married" but being alone during the week, being married but actually never meeting in person, getting inseminated and everything else through sterile environments like a doctor's office. I even read a book by someone about laws made for a man or woman to marry a robot!

    I think it will be an everchanging situation, all I can say is that in 20 years I hope to still be doing it and still be enjoying it for what it is worth...

  • Finally-Free

    In 20 years I won't be thinking about relationships. I'll be test driving my new scooter, shopping for a comfortable shower chair, and bitching at the government because my pension cheque is late.

    Personally I think marriage causes more problems than it resolves and should be abolished. At the very least it should be no more than a contract that must be renewed every year.


  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    Since everyone loves to talk about relationships.....

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