Who are those young JW SKINHEADS ?

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  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Um, it's a hairstyle...

    Sure it's a hairstyle, Layla, I just remember having read several times in the WT literature that young JWs should model their look and dressing on the "spiritually mature christian brothers" . I wonder if any such article has been written which reckoned skinheading as just a regular sporty haircut, I mean with no rebellious connotation.


    Well...dunno about all that.

    The actual, real 'skinhead' movement from the late 1960s, had NOTHING to do with racism .


    Amazing how things get corrupted over a very brief period of time.

    Some of what the skin-movement originated out of, was from the U.K. and it was pretty cool.

    I'll elaborate more later.

    But yeah, the buzzed-off hair is not too uncommon anymore.

    Frig, look at my avatar.

    Yup, that's me!

    Buzzed constantly!

    RAY (d'punk)

  • MissingLink

    Bald is sexy! (for us dudes anyway)

  • Priest73

    Just take the skinheads bowling. Take'em bowling!!!


  • kurtbethel

    Alright, might as well blow my cover. I was at a Christmas party and I had shaved my hair to donate for cancer patients so I was doing a hair reboot. Also had a woolen winter coat and holiday hat. I suspect that if I was in a Hall an elder would want to take me aside and "counsel" me.

    So here is the pic. My hair has been growing for over 3 months now, but it was quite a sensation having that cold winter air hit my scalp.

    Kurt is not a JW

  • bsmart

    I have a young relative who does this, he was blessed with a receding hairline in his early 20's. It is a good look for him.

  • prologos

    some people shave their head to hide the fact that they are bald.

    in some locations are not skin-heads neo-nazi right wing extremists?

  • mynameislame

    It seems like one of those "fads" they would councel against. I remember I wasn't supposed to wear my hat backwards for who knows what reason.

    Is Kurtbethel's comment accurate?

    "It is a good way to cover up past drug use that would be screened by a hair sample."

    Either way it seems more worldly than a beard.

  • punkofnice

    The bald head thing is the nearest they get to being in the fashion without being bullied by the elders.

    I was a Mod in the 80's and it was great. I wore a suit, sand boots, slim tie, Pork pie hat, Crombie........and everyone thought I was just a smart dressed JW in the Kingdum Hell.............the young girls knew though................I was in the fashion yet undetected.

    I probably looked like a 60's throwback to the watchtower(R) image..............I wasn't.

    It wasn't so easy when Punk came along though

  • pronomono

    I know quite a few young men in my old congregation that had severe receding hairlines by the time they were 20. It appeared to run in the family. So it was less embarassing to just shave their head than sport a receded hairline before they could drink.

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