Any XJW's in Cape Town?

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  • dh

    Hey nomoreguilt, yeah, Cape Town is great as long as you avoid the rough edges.

    Princess, I'm actually not South Africa, I'm orignally from the UK, I just moved down here 4 months ago with a new job... I know it's usually the other way around but I lived in SA for a year once before and always felt I hadn't experienced it fully so when I got chance to come back, I jumped at it :)

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Well if you are ever up in Joburg then pm me!

    Enjoy and be safe... I think CT is the most beautiful part of SA!

  • Sirona

    Thanks Chikikie, By sending people to that thread you are making more people aware of the issues with you and your sister.

    DH I will PM you

    Nomoreguilt - thanks


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