Flaky JWs drag down the Cong Performance Stats. Doncha' hate that? ;-)

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Some quick advice for faders re: level of Field Service activity. BTW, this assumes you have no problem turning in "fluffed up" hours as part of a reverse "theocratic warfare" strategy.

    If you really don't care one way or the other whether you turn in a field service report, turn one in at least every 6 months with one hour of "time" on it. Then every year or so, let more than 6 months go by before turning in another slip. You'll go from "irregular" to "inactive" to "irregular". BOE's can't stand this.

    You will be the bane of any elders who care about "the numbers". When the CO comes around to beat the elders, the BOE will complain about the "borderline inactive" publishers who really distort the true picture of the solid core of publishers with good field service activity.

    A couple years ago I heard the CO suggest that the Secretary try to look at "the big picture" when deciding whether or not to include someone back into the regular publisher count. He was actually asking the Secretary to "bend the rules" a little bit and not "reactivate" someone just because they turned in one time slip. The Secretary replied that he couldn't really "read a person's mind" as to whether or not their "reactivation" was genuine this time around. The CO backpedaled a little and said something along the lines of "Hey, it's just something to think about."

    We've got a few in our congo that drive the BOE positively batty. They'll drop out of sight for months at a time and then reappear. They actually are "inactive" for a few months and then, when they resurface, they have to be reported as "reactivated" to the CO. Of course, he'll want to know how this was achieved, and there's really not much to report. The person(s) just started showing up again. Phases of the moon? There's one guy that I suspect is truly playing games with the BOE, but the others, IMO, just kind of flounder around.

    Anyway, if it's within your ethical boundaries to do so, I highly recommend the "irregular to inactive then back to irregular" pattern. Elders would much rather see you permanently off the books if you're not going to pull your theocratic "weight".

    Doncha feel the love?


  • The Doc 58
    The Doc 58

    i used to report so much time and really never went out in service. sometimes i'd report 90 or 100 hours a month and maybe actually went out 2 or 3 hours.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    The Doc 58:

    i'd report 90 or 100 hours a month and maybe actually went out 2 or 3 hours.

    Wow. That's a pretty high ratio of fake hours : real hours and still avoid elder scrutiny. I remember a "phantom pioneer" that the BOE finally cornered and got rid of a few years ago. She was young and in apparently good health but NEVER met with the group or was seen banging on doors.


  • BFD

    Nothing like a little fly in the ointment.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Before this thread takes it's last circle 'round the toilet, I'll throw this out there.

    For a JW non-believer who's still in for family what are the pros & cons to the following time reporting scenarios?


    High-Hour Publisher (18-50 hrs/month)

    Strong Publisher (10-18 hrs/month)

    Low-Hour Publisher (5-10 hrs/month)

    Super-Low-Hour Publisher (1-4 hrs/month)




  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro


    I'll give it a shot (which will surely kill your tread!). The key in my opinion is to avoid generating attention to yourself:

    Pioneer - insane, way too high profile and you've got to be at least a little visible

    High-Hour Publisher (18-50 hrs/month) - if you're a male, too risky. You'll generate attention from the BOE in the form of recommendations for "privileges". if female, you'll get "encouragement" to aux pioneer or regular pioneer - see above.

    Strong Publisher (10-18 hrs/month) - Still too risky for a male. 10 hours per month is enough to get appointed. Female, this is probably ok but why increase the stats?

    Low-Hour Publisher (5-10 hrs/month) - Man, you're tough. I would call this slightly below average. To me, this is the perfect range. Not enough to get appointed, too much to get the sheparding call that the next category will get. Basically, you'll be in the majority of the congregation and therefore under the radar. You can show up once a month to be "seen" (try to work with the SO or Secretary so someone will vouch for you at the BOE meeting.)

    Super-Low-Hour Publisher (1-4 hrs/month) - You will get unwanted attention if you're a male. If a female, you'll likely not get too much hassle. On the plus side, a bunch of these publishers really knock the wind out of the averages.

    Irregular - It will get attention but if you make it like every other month or so for about a year, the attention will drop.

    Inactive - Not good if you're trying to stay in for family. Way too much attention, especially if you still attend meetings. Eventually, they'll give up on you but it may take a while.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Doubting Bro I'd have to say I concur with your overall assessment. Especially this quote:

    The key in my opinion is to avoid generating attention to yourself:


    I think for most people the "sweet spot" would be 5-9 hrs/month. Just below the national average, but not low enough to warrant shepherding calls.

    FWIW, I'll throw out some "pros" to another level of bogus "activity".


    If you can somehow pull off the too high ratio of real hours to fake hours, there is an advantage to being a pioneer. The elders don't want to lose one of their "golden children". Needing to "make your time" is a great way to honorably avoid getting saddled with all the crap jobs the elders would otherwise try dumping on you. I think for this to work you'd need a reliable "source" of bogus hours that no other dub could possibly try horning in on. Perhaps witnessing to co-workers, customers, clients, etc. Also, you could do a lot of "alternative witnessing" that just doesn't match up with anyone else's schedule.

    Also, depending on where you live, as a pioneer you might be able to get away with saying/doing a few more things that are quirky or eccentric. They don't want to "discourage" you too much, so they may cut you extra slack. On the flip side, if the local BOE is uber-strict and says that pioneers have to meet a high standard to be "exemplary" you can use this as a way to get removed for some stupid local preference over dress & grooming, PG-13 movies or music.

    Overall though, I don't think I'd recommend the pioneer ministry for non-believers.


  • BFD

    Don't tell me it's a double flusher!


    Edit: I was always an LHP.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    It's always effective to find other time fluffers to 'work with' in service. Meet with the group and have pre-arranged plans. Do a couple 'social calls', coffee break, run errands, bathroom break, finish with another 'social call'. TADA! You're done for the month and you were visible. Actually, that is what many pioneers actually do to 'make their time'. And don't forget to regularly count the "family study" that you aren't really having.

    I agree for faders that need to stay 'in', average 4-7 hrs. Throw in some 1-2 hr months every so often with the excuse of weather, illness, or something. Meeting attendance is required unless you can come up with an excuse such as "the cat threw up in my dress shoes". If you can't come up with a good excuse, go to the meeting and take note of everyone missing and inquire about their excuses. You might come up with a good one for next week. (Note to other brothers: You can't use PMS as an excuse, I found out that excuse only works for the sisters.)

    B the X

  • still_in74

    Super-Low-Hour Publisher (1-4 hrs/month)

    dam, I cant be super at anything!!

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