How sweet is it to NOT be a JW?

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  • Deidra

    It is beautiful. There is no other feeling than being free after being born into bondage. The peace I feel in my life is indescribable.

  • chickpea

    undeniably sweet!!!

    2 current JWs stopped by with the invite to the memorial....

    in one breath we talked about the school district calling for tax hikes and my kids having 3 yrs left in the district, the totally sucky state of real estate, my diploma program and the next 2 yrs of study........

    and in the next breath >>>>>>>> the end is so close, the end is soooooooooooooo close......

    then they blathered on about the "special talk" and which elder would be delivering it... and they weren't "sure" ( who gives a [email protected]?) and thankfully!! i cant make it, really.. i will be outta town!! ........ i swear it was like some crappy low budget sci-fi flick where a code word erases all thought and will....... and the b0rg is the escape hatch, dont ya know? ......

    jesus tap-dancing christ....... that used to be me!! ...... look, life is hard, things go wrong..... i can accept what might be the reality that life is meant to be ephemeral and i can live ( and die ) not knowing if this is all there is, but i can no longer let life get away from me, hedging on a bet that there is more to it than this!!

  • Hope4Others
    Having to dress up for the endless, thankless meetings and field service?

    I haven't had a skirt on in years, its quite liberating do just do nothing anytime you want. I enjoy the freedom, peace, and extremely less stress in life.


  • oompa

    I am not there yet...I am afraid I really miss my old friends, and being able to do social things with my JW wife and son with people I used to have a blast with.............oompa.........let the sweetness arrive soon

  • IcingHeart

    Tuesday: "It's really the simple things isn't it."

    Yes, it sure is. While technically still stuck physically, having to go to meeting with my family (they don't know yet), my mind has been liberated, and it's very refreshing. I never have to waste time studying these garbage publications. When I was in, it took me almost two hours to study sometimes because I would literally look up every scripture. Yeesh. I've been using that extra time to do "girly" stuff I never had time for, like doing my hair and wearing make-up. I get dolled up for meeting as practice for when I really need to :p You know, I always wondered how certain sisters seem to be able to do all that crapola (pioneer, study for meetings, etc.) and still manage to look their best. Guess they never sleep or something. LOL.

    Of course, I'm also using my new-founded extra time to do more research on this bogus organization.

  • R.Crusoe

    Having been a convert stopping myself from having thoughts minute by minute, it is unusual to allow them to begin to flow freely and unblock the decades of neuron dams that have formed in every tributary of the mind!

    Until you see the WT is completely false, nay 'feel' it is, you cannot achieve this release of thought!

  • real one
    real one

    it is sweet to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Going to church is not something i dread doing. growing spiritually more and more each day.

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