How sweet is it to NOT be a JW?

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  • new light
    new light

    Do you ever revisit the old JW ways of thinking, and then compare it to the complete freedom that you have now? I do. Do you remember judging and fearing the everyday activities of the people around you? Remember that dread of restating "your" position on holidays every few weeks, knowing you would just end up further alienated from coworkers? Having to dress up for the endless, thankless meetings and field service? How about wasting days off from work to attend the district convention, usually during the best weather of the summer? Ugh.

    Take a minute once in a while to smell the roses if you have made the break. We can finally RELAX! We are free to fit in, even (gasp!) associate with whomever we choose. We spend our time away from the job just how we see fit, in ways that actually do our lives some good. We can perceive the underlying goodness that flows through most people, and our own inner goodness has been freed to be used in ways of our own choosing, no longer devoured by the insatiable succubus known as "sacred service". Spring and summer are on the way here in the Northern Hemisphere, and not one of our minutes need be wasted in the name of a false religious publishing company. I fart in your general direction, Watchtower Society.

  • Sirona


    Good post.

    Even though there are difficulties in leaving, there is a whole beautiful world out there to discover once you are free!

    I love being able to read what I want - read and learn. When I exited I went to University.

    Its lovely to be able to accept others without judgement. I mean, really really accept that there are lots of people out there who are lovely people.

    I can do things which are charitable. My idea of charity isn't converting people.

    When out baby is born, we are going to do everything as a family - as pagans we are going to do all the traditional things for each seasonal event. At Ostara (easter) we'll hand paint eggs, in the height of summer we'll be outside a lot, probably making corn dollies, as the harvest comes we'll make up food hampers and give them to others, at Samhain (oct 31) we'll remember our loved ones who are not with us now, Yule will be full of making traditional decorations - basically I'm looking forward to a full life and plenty time spent with my child. Of course the child will always be free to decide their own spiritual path. (Compare that to knocking on doors week after week...yuk).

    Its great being free.


  • new light
    new light


    Congratulations on the baby! I'm kind of a stranger here, so that was probably late in coming. It's great to hear you are living true to your heart, moreso than the masses, judging by your commitment to celebrating the sacred days at the core of the christian holidays. Very authentic. Just being ourselves is a wonderful thing.

  • WTWizard

    Hey, it's March. This month has five full weekends. The Crapmorial is coming up. And, I haven't knocked on a single door for field circus--nor do I have to worry about pioneering because of those two factors.

    I will be able to answer "Happy Easter" without fuss or muss.

    When the patriotic holidays come up, I will not have to worry about the flag. Nor will the warmer weather be marred with field circus that will continue when the weather gets unbearably hot.

    I will be able to enjoy the fall, the Halloween and Christmas decorations (that is, if anyone puts any up this year), and the Christmas music without some Tower stopping me. The cool weather of fall will not be sullied by having to go out in field circus or worrying about what crapt campaign they are going to use to siphon off time from personal use.

    And, I don't have to worry about when the ban on entertainment is going to take full effect. Once the "valueless things" study is done, I will not have to worry about hounder-hounders and hounder-hounder-hounders taking it as entertainment, relaxation, education, and sex are banned and promoting these things as such.

  • garybuss

    It's difficult for me to carry on a conversation with a believing Witness because they live in a delusion based on storybook assumptions and erroneous premises. Generally, they can't have a serious conversation without making a statement that requires reliance on an assumption that can be disabled rationally with one question.

    The key word is "rationally". A couple good examples are the blood medical treatment, and world conditions topics. My term "rationally disabled with one question" is a concept because it once took two and a half hours for me to get a Witness to give me his mail address and it was the parsonage attached to the Kingdom Hall two miles from my home.

    Once I stopped to visit a Witness when I was on a vacation and he told me: "We don't believe in having fun in this world, we'll have our fun in the new world.". How do I have a conversation with a person after they make a statement like that?

  • WingCommander

    ** in Eric Kartman voice ** Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!


    Wing Commander

  • jamiebowers

    Very sweet: celebrating birthdays and holidays, having the freedom to read and think anything you want, the ability to form caring relationships with anyone you want, I could go on for days.

  • NewYork44M

    I had my first birthday cake last year. I plan on going all pagan this year with christmas, halloween, and a few other holidays that I can squeeze in.

  • Layla33

    I love it because I can live without worry and fear and guilt interjected into every moment. I am free to choose my friends, I dont' need to look over my back about looking at a magazine. I don't need to give up my weekends to knock on doors in something I had doubts about. I have let go of the "sermons". I can date, marry, have sex without guilt, my definitions of morality are created by me, and not be some elusive group of men, I have never seen.

    I can get educated, I can go to different religions and talk to people, I don't have the Armeggedon dreams, I don't have to worry about dying on an operating table when I needed blood.

    I am free. I am free...

  • Tuesday

    It's really the simple things isn't it. I think it's great just not having to shave every other day. I usually go a week or two without shaving.

    Being able to call logical fallacies on anything that has them is pretty sweet too.

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