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  • vat152


    i'm sure that the topic of armageddon has risen it's ugly head before but can anyone out there tell me when the armaggedon WILL happen (try to be precise please otherwise to me as a non-believer it will look like you're guessing) and has anyone got any concrete evidence of why and how it will happen? oh and can you give evidence about when it will happen? thank you.

    go on convince me!!!

  • Rapunzel

    Armaggedon is a warped, eschatological fantasy which will never transpire as it imagined in the Bible. In my mind, the only conceivable form of Armaggedon is that of total self-annihilation on the part of humanity through nuclear holocaust, or perhaps a global plague/influenza developed in a lab somewhere. Of couse, global warning could kill more people than those depicted in the account of the Noatian Flood. In short, if Armageddon ever should come, it will have been brought on by humanity itself. Moreover, in any scenario imaginable, the chance of there being any survivors at all is truly negligible; and if there are survivors, they will envy the dead.

  • VoidEater

    Even if I thought Armageddon as depicted by fundamentalist Christianity were to happen, the event is not predictable as it comes like a thief in the night (e.g., more likely to occur in an urban setting with lots of forms to be filled out afterward).

  • JH

    It will happen very soon.

    1914 + ONE Generation and POOF

  • potentialJWconvertswife

    If you know your Bible then you probably know that Jesus said no one, not even He himself knows the hour and the day, only the Father. If you're interested in wacko calculations that predict the day and the hour, I suggest you look for posts by OBVES and JCannon. They both think they have it all figured out. Ha! BTW- Welcome to the board!!

  • heathen

    I believe armageddon to be an invisible spiritual war that's been going on since the first century until the last of the apostles died and the great apostasy happened, then starts up in the 20th century during WW1 . Not because the WTBTS says so but because Mathew 24 sounds too much like jesus is talking about a world war as a sign of his presence .Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.. This war goes on until the last of the 144k are martyred then the great fear inspiring day of God almighty destroys all opposition to the kingdom and peace on earth.

  • gaiagirl

    Most of the scriptural verses which people use trying to prove that Armageddon is near were written with the idea of God's forces removing the occupying Roman forces from the lands which were once the nation of Israel. However, every single Bible writer who lived in the first century died without seeing this happen. It seems to be a case of wishful bragging, i.e. "My God is going to whip your armies"...except he never did.

  • Casper
    If you know your Bible then you probably know that Jesus said no one, not even He himself knows the hour and the day, only the Father

    If this is the case, then none of us can give you a concrete answer, as we would all just be "Guessing"...

    By the way.... "Welcome"


  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll


  • vat152

    so as i suspected it's a load of old rubbish then which has been intilled into peoples mind by the wt mob to put the fear of god into people, which i do believe is what they do best, correct?

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