Mahjong anyone?

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  • AudeSapere

    I will have to try this again.

    I've played on Yahoo! Games but when I tried to play on your site earlier this year, I was unable to get anywhere close to playing.

    Must try again. Thanks for the bump!


  • BabaYaga

    Ooh, that's a good one! Once you block the ads at the bottom...!

  • mustang
    She said 'move middle' like I knew Chinese.

    The Chinese have 5 directions on their 'compass': North, South, East, West and MIDDLE. The MIDDLE is the starting point, from which everything revolves. Thusly, the Chinese word for China is 'jung gwo': MIDDLE kingdom; since obviously, they are at the center of everthing that is happening

    There is a story behind most Chinese words, that explains the pictograph


  • BabaYaga

    Thanks for the story, Mustang... I know that there are some I can move that don't have to be identical but I can't really decipher what the rules about them are...

  • mustang

    The directions, North, South, East, West count as a set: click North and East and the pair disappears. Some games have Middle, some don't.

    The symbol for Middle is a horizontal rectangle with a single vertical stroke going through its center.

    Another set is Fruit: Pear, Plum and two others. Another set is Seasons: Summer, Winter, Spring & Fall. Same rule applies: match two of a Set and the pair is counted.

    The compass directions are marked in English on the upper left: N, S, W, E.

    There are numbered suites, like our playing cards, 1-9; the numbers are also in English on the upper left. Match the 2's (form example) of a like pictograph and the pair is counted and disappears.

    I have played Mahjongg on an automated mechanical gambling machine in a small casino in Shanghai. It is different, goes fast and is fascinating to watch. The tiles turn themselves over and shuffle also; I was dying to get inside that machine, but that wasn't going to happen


  • mustang

    I'm attaching the help screen, Tiles Left, from the version that I ahve at home.

    It shows 3 suites of 1-9, 4tiles each per number. Then the 4 directions have 4 tiles each. I have seen Middle included in another version.

    Then the Seasons are shown, at 1 tile each: SPRing, SUMmer, WINter, AUTumn.

    The last are the Flowers: Orchid, Plum, Mum and Bamboo.

    Match any 2 Flowers or any two Seasons and the "odd tiles" are accounted for.

    This totals 144 tiles. There are some subtleties that I have not mastered yet.

    Hope this helps


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Still playing Asteroids

  • BabaYaga

    Dang! I've been playing Mah Jong now for what... three days? Since Snowbird bumped this post. I haven't won a game YET!!!!! AGGGGHHHH!!!

    Here is another cool free game of it, though:

    And I hereby bump this thread to share my pain!


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