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  • AudeSapere

    I grew up in a physically abusive home. Several incidents resulted in police visits.

    On one serious occaision, the police had already been informed that the violent outburst occured just after a family bible study. In private, two officers were talking to me and it came out that the family were Jehovah's witnesses. I told them that I was embarrassed to say that because it's not how people should have behaved.

    The police said 'You'd be surprised to know how much violence happens in religious homes after family bible study.'

    I think people try to behave in such a way to appear religious because they are covering up a true lack of love and honest spirituality. When the pressure to behave and 'appear' a certain way become unbearable, they act out in fits of violence against those who are exposing their flaw(s).


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  • VoidEater

    Aude: The physical abuse in my family was ALWAYS after a meeting or Bible study. Must have made my father "see God" in a similar way to this story.

    Cliff Notes version for those who don't read the articles sf posted:

    Man Claims He Saw God Before Killing Child


    "Redman then stabbed his daughter multiple times, including a wound to the throat...Responding officers found Redman outside the trailer with injuries similar to those that killed Gloria. He is still at Sunrise Hospital."

    Arrest report:


    "When the operator asked how the girl died, William said it was the way Jehovah does things...William Redman told police she was dead and repeatedly said to make sure Gloria was not embalmed for three days...[Rosemary] said William kept telling her she wasn’t the one who had to wake Gloria and that she had to be dead for three days before she would wake up."

  • carla

    I catch my jw watching religious programs on occasions, not sure if he seeing what the evil Christendom is up to or what. Don't know, don't want to. He also does not do fs in our neighborhood and when I have warned a neighbor friend about jw's & him they said he never mentioned his being a jw. So just because one neighbor doesn't know doesn't mean anything. Most people would think to mention religious affiliation anyway, most people look at jw's as some quirky little weird church and not realize how dangerous the jw's really are.

  • bite me
    bite me

    That is really sad. As often as it happens, there is no need for it to. And the knife stabed her as "he fell ontop of her" what was he doing "on top of her" Hmmmm that raises another question, doesn't it?

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